Charity Bingo Halls turn to the Government for Help

Many Charity bingo halls in Nova Scotia, Canada are finding that they are having a tough time competing with casinos. Now they are beginning to turn to the government to loosen regulation.

In Nova Scotia, the operators of charity bingo games are requesting the government step in and help. They say without assistance charity bingo might not be able to continue in the entire province. There are a number of different ways the Nova Scotia government is able to help as they regulate the charity bingo games’ taxes. Bingo operators have put forward a few things which they would like discussed within short order, because of the dire state of bingo.

The Canadian charity bingo scene has been in trouble for a while now. A stone’s throw away from Detroit, in the city of Windsor, there has been a steep decline in attendance in bingo halls. With limited choices available, charity bingo players have been going to casinos for their gaming pleasure. The local charity bingo halls have cited that they are unable to compete with the prizes and jackpots offered by the casinos.

One of the big issues that the local charity bingo associations want the government to address is the removal of fees on prizes. Another is that they would like to allow players with visual or physical impairments to be allowed to play bingo on hand held devices rather than on the hand held daubers.This ergonomic innovation would make it easy and comfortable for players to enjoy their games.

Government Strangling Bingo

The government charges a 2.13% fee on all prize money that the charity bingo halls award. There has been slow to little activity from the Alcohol and Gaming division of the province. They claim any changes to the law would require study before any amendments are made to the regulations. A proposed solution to the predicament that charity bingo finds itself in is to start using the Internet and provide online games. Online bingo gambling is considered legal in Canada.