Chicken Poop Bingo Fundraiser

A new bingo game called Chicken Poop Bingo will be held to help raise funds for Childers Park. There will also be an auction that features a Mercedes convertible as one of the items. The funds will be used to restore the park and its waterways.

Childers Park Fundraiser

A fundraiser will be held to raise funds for the restoration of Childers Park. Anyone is welcome to attend and people can dress casually. The fundraiser will include a game of Chicken Poop Bingo and an auction. The auction will feature a 1994 convertible Mercedes Cabriolet, games of golf, and a weekend vacation. There will also be door prizes that have been donated from the Home Depot, a membership and personal training sessions at a fitness center, and free meals at local restaurants. The organizers of the fundraiser hope to raise about $10,000 in the auction to clean up the streams that run through Childers Park as well as additional benches and signs.

Chicken Poop Bingo

The most interesting part of the fundraiser is a game named Chicken Poop Bingo. The way this game works is that you have chickens in a cage with a floor divided into squares. Participants will place bets on what square the chicken is going to poop on and if their number is hit, they win the bingo game. The cost of each square is $3 and these proceeds will all go to the improvement of Childers Park. Donations can be made at any time and donors who give more than $2,499 will be recognized by a commemorative park bench with their name on it. Those who donate $10 upon entry will be allowed to enter the auction and enjoy free snacks.