Tell us where you’d take a FREE £2k Breakaway to?

Tell us below where you’d like to take a £2k Breakaway to if you win a share of our £2,000 jackpot on Sat 28th July … we’ll give you 10 points towards a free cards!


Terms & Conditions:
Funded players only.

21 thoughts on “Tell us where you’d take a FREE £2k Breakaway to?

  1. I would breakaway with my 4 month daughter and fiance because weve been saving likecrazy towards our wedding. We would love a little break in Spain our first as a family :-)

  2. i would love to break away somewhere hot and sunny with my fiance and 11 year old daughter as we havent had a holiday yet ;)

  3. I would love a break away with my hubby to celebrate the fact hes in remission from Cancer that he had all last year. Not a long flight, maybe to Spain somewhere :-)

  4. I would take my boys on a getaway to jamaica to see my mother in law as we have not been able to afford to go in recent years.

  5. i would love to just go to paris disney just to see the kids faces and let them have the time of their lives oh and us lol

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