What would you like to ask Adam & Luke A?

We’ve got our two FAVE Big Brother housemates, Adam & Luke A, joining us for a special Chat Party on Friday 21th September!

Got a question for them? Just add a comment below & we’ll ask them on the night (as long as it’s not too naughty)!

15 thoughts on “What would you like to ask Adam & Luke A?

  1. Luke you did a fantastic job of demonstrating that the fact that a person is transgender is not the most important thing about them. Do you have any plans to represent the transgender community in any other way?

  2. Have you two ever had a row?
    What do you like about each other?
    What did you think of each other the first time you saw each other?

  3. Hi adam and luke, mines not really a question as such i just wanted to say how well you both did, i met your families and adam it turns out we are almost family. your sister is my boyfriends cousin so i may see you one day. Luke you are fantastic and your wife is lovely. I came to the Caroline eviction and saw lauren afterwards in the hotel was totally amazing. It really was a shame all you guys wernt in there till the end together. If there was one thing you could change what would it be?

  4. You two were both amazing housemates and thoroughly deserved to be the last two guys standing. I have applied for Big Brother next year and was wondering if there was anything in the house you regret doing or not doing? And is entering Big Brother something people should go for?

  5. Have you watched any of the highlights shows and, if so, do you think they showed your true personality. Who was the most different to the way you remembered and who was exactly the same?

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