What would you like to ask Natalie Cassidy?

Natalie Cassidy is going to be broadcasting LIVE on BigBrotherBingo on Sunday 18th March … & boy is it gonna be FUN!

As part of the broadcast, Natalie will be answering a bunch of question send in by you! So add your questions below & check out how you can join the party HERE!

44 thoughts on “What would you like to ask Natalie Cassidy?

    • Sure that would be a GREAT party – it’d be fab to see them all together again. Just no pants pulling ladies … ;-)

  1. Who was the better kisser – Jack Ryder (Jamie Enders) or James Alexandrou (Martin Fowler Enders?) & who was the better match for Sonia do you think?

  2. The Christmas Special when Jamie died & you said your goodbyes to each other was a real tear jerker. What was the hardest scene you’ve ever had to film?

  3. When you first started on Enders with your trumpet, Liam Gallagher commented that you were one of the best chartacters on the show, & one of the only reasons he bothered to watch! What do you think of that?

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