Why Keno isn’t Bingo

Keno and Bingo might look like the same game, but they are quite different. The two games do share some similarities though, which might get players confused. But the way in which each game is played and won is substantially different. It is believed that Keno originated in China and was brought to America by Chinese immigrants in the 19th century. Keno is basically a game of chance based on the drawing of numbers that must correspond to selected numbers on all player cards.

More about Keno Games

A traditional Keno game uses a circular glass container called “bubble” that has 80 balls which will define the ball draw outcome. Each ball has a number on it that goes from 1 to 80. And all players must choose 20 numbers out of 80 in their Keno boards. Twenty balls are drawn and the caller and the judge will record them. A computerized system calculates all bets, based on the numbers drawn. Players are paid based on how many numbers drawn match the numbers selected in their board.

Differences between Keno and Bingo

First of all, the picking of numbers is completely different in each game. In Bingo games, players purchase lots of number cards. The numbers in the cards are printed randomly and every board is different from one another. Bingo players cannot select their numbers since the numbers are pre-selected on the boards for them. As opposed to this, Keno players get to choose their numbers. Players basically mark their numbers on the Keno forms and register them for the next game.

The betting is also different in each game. In Bingo, the boards cost an established amount and the cards can only be used for 1 game. Since all the cards cost the same, the bets are not any different from one another. However, bingo players are able to decide on things like the quantity of cards to play in each game. In contrast, Keno players are able to select how much they would like to bet on each game. In addition, they can also decide, on how many games their chosen set of numbers will be used. This allows Keno players to have complete control over how much they want to wager and how much they will receive if they win.

More Fun for Players the World Over

Another difference is the drawing of numbers. In Bingo, #s are selected randomly until a player wins the game with a full game card. In a bingo game, there is typically just one winner. In Keno, 20 numbers are drawn and since players have the possibility to choose their numbers, there can be multiple winners based on the numbers that the players have selected.

Finally, the winning is also very different between Bingo and Keno. Bingo players win prizes when having a complete bingo card or rows and columns on a sheet. As opposed to this, Keno’s payout structure guarantees that all players have an equal opportunity to win as well as the same payout for the winners. To conclude, these are basically the differences between Keno and Bingo and players who are looking for different options to brighten the traditional Bingo game can play Keno as an alternative.