Celeb spotting at the Celebrity Big Brother Final!

The BigBrotherBingo team were lucky enough to attend the LIVE Celebrity Big Brother final on Friday night & we had a ball! Not only did we get to watch our fave housemate, Denise, claim the winner’s title, BUT there was also a fair bit of celeb spotting!

On the night we spotted our ex-CBB fave Amy Childs! And not only that, she was hanging out with the super cute Harry of TOWIE fame & previous Big Brother housemate Brian Belo! We’ve even got some sneaky pics on our Facebook page … excited much?

PLUS, we met our lovely player bbklj! He joined us on the evening for a few drinks before the show then to cheer on all the celebs. We’re going to miss the CBB eviction nights … we’ll apart from the snow ;-)

WTG to our 42 housemates who won a share of £3,000!

Denise was crowed the winner of Celebrity Big Brother & 42 of you clever housmates guessed correctly to win a share of £3,000!

Big congrats to the below housemates, who each received £70.42! Have fun with your funds!

becksta32, cazfur101, dozgam, edenise, elliek123, fran33, frazzeled, gregsmith0, haribo_star18, hunny43, im2hot4u38, jacci1962, jackie1982, jay2008, jimmybob1973, KELLx31, kevkev1966, lizzieallen1992, Loveduck, lovemonkey1984, lusky1804, LYNNE1, markanddebbie29, marra171284, MissLadyLuck11, missmichelle, mj2303, molliebella, mrsunlucky27, mum2kezie, mumstheword76, nasteenik, nifnafnof, oldskoolgirl, rachael091, red55555, reidy26, ripvanwinkle, shaz70sc, wrighty007, xxbrandysnapsxx & xxcuddlesxx

Hollywood Stars

Play Hollywood Stars Scratchcard Game

Glitz and glamour is the order of the day at Hollywood Stars. This fantastic scratchcard game features as the must-play instant-win game. Players at BigBrotherBingo can easily scratch to win with this popular game. Hollywood Stars requires players to match their Lucky Symbol to any of the 6 hidden squares on the scratch card. This game is a window into the world of Hollywood’s A-list, the crème de la crème of celebrity star power. BigBrotherBingo players can immerse themselves in a world of opportunity with the chic, suave and sophisticated allure of Hollywood Stars!

How to Play Hollywood Stars Scratchcard Game
Hollywood Stars scratchcard tasks players with finding a match for the pic reflected under the Lucky Symbol field. Plus, you are able to pick and choose your preferred bet from a wide range of betting options between £0.1 and £10. And the top prize is a whopping £10,000. Top prizes can be hit when your Lucky Symbol is the Oscar trophy. Simply match that Lucky Symbol to just 1 of the hidden symbols under the 6 squares on the scratch card and you could be a winner. Players have the option of scratching individual squares on the scratchcard or automatically revealing all 6 squares simultaneously.

Hollywood Stars Scratchcards Razzle & Dazzle
Six Hollywood Star symbols comprise the face of the scratchcard game. Players are tasked with revealing the hidden symbols and matching them with the Lucky Symbol. Just off to the left of the scratchcard is the Lucky Symbol. Click to reveal it and then match that same symbol with the on the Hollywood scratchcard game. The amount of cash up for grabs is dependent on how many times it appears on the scratchcard game. Symbols include Popcorn, the Oscar Statuette, the Cinema Ticket, a Champagne Bottle and much more. The top symbols are the Oscar and the bottle of bubbly. The top prize combinations can reward players with prizes in the thousands.

*A top trick for the Hollywood Stars scratchcard game is to wager the maximum amount possible, in order to receive the highest paydays.

Love Lines

Love Lines Scratchcard Game

Cupid the love master is back in town! This time he’s dropped anchor at BigBrotherBingo with a fantastic new scratchcard game. Love Lines is the must-play attraction for all bingo fans and instant-win aficionados. Scratchcard games have gained tremendous popularity at bingo rooms, owing to the fact that they’re fun to play and they can be enjoyed in between games of bingo. This new game is the lovers’ choice and it’s clear why: players who hit 3 x golden hearts in a line instantly win cash prizes. The winning combinations can be hit in either a diagonal, horizontal or vertical manner. It’s that easy!

Winning Combinations in Love Lines Scratch Card Game

The game caters to players of all bankrolls. It’s quick, easy and affordable to play Love Lines – even on a shoestring budget. Scratchcard ticket prices range from 10 cents to £10 per game. The higher the wager placed, the bigger the payday. A top prize of £10, 000 is available when 3 x Golden Heart symbols form in a row on the max wager placed. The winning amount in the game is indicated by the Prize Heart Symbol. As soon as the bet amount has been selected, you simply click ‘Go’ to confirm the bet and reveal the hidden symbols. Symbols include gorgeous Red Roses, Teddy Bears, Cupids, Couple Hearts, Lips, Champagne, Love Letters and cute ‘I Love You, Be Mine’ hearts.

The Prize Heart Symbol Could Reveal Massive Payouts!

Love Lines scratchcard features 9 squares. Players are tasked with matching three golden hearts in a row. The attendant prizes associated with the matching symbols are paid out once they’re hit. If you’re keen to scratch one square at a time, that’s possible. Or if you prefer, you can reveal all 9 squares simultaneously. The game is available in a free game mode and a real-money mode at BigBrotherBingo!

Frolikin’ Frogs

Frolikin' Frogs

Instant win games are all the rage and Frolikin’ Frogs exceeds expectations as the must-play Scratchcard game at BigBrotherBingo. This all-new game features a series of lovable pond frogs, and best of all – the game can be played off the bat – with no experience, skill or strategy required. The signature hues of the pond are synonymous with the colour of money – green! And that’s precisely what scratch card gamers stand to win, when any 3 matching symbols come in.

How to Play Frolikin’ Frogs Scratchcard Game

Instant-win games are plenty exciting. All that’s required is a desire to play and the rest is a croakin’ good time with Frolikin’ Frogs. This particular game is wildly popular as a casino side game at bingo rooms. The object of the game is to reveal at least 3 matching symbols on the Lily pads in the pond. The game is made up of 6 frogs of different colours. The red frogs are the most valuable and 3 of them present the player with a whopping prize of some £100,000 when the max wager* is placed.

Other winning combinations include 3 x Purple Frogs with a 10,000 payout, 3 x Blue Frogs for a 2,500 payout, 3 x Green Frogs for a 1,000 payout, 3 x Yellow Frogs for a 500 payout and 3 x Tan Frogs for a 100 payout. Players are tasked with hitting the more brightly-coloured frogs for the bigger payout offers. The game is really quick and easy to play. Players can enjoy the game in a practice mode prior to registering a real-money account.

Getting Started with Frolikin’ Frogs Scratchcard Game

Playing the game is a snap! As soon as the game has uploaded – either in an instant-play mode or real-money mode, the game kicks off in earnest. The game features rich animation and audio-visual effects. The Lily Pads light up once the six areas have been scratched. A fortune awaits players in the murky pond of the Frolikin’ Frogs.

*A good tip in the game is to always play the max amount. When the winning combinations hit, then the maximum payout is received.

Santa’s Presents

How to Win with Santa’s Presents Online

Santa's PresentsSanta’s Presents Scratch Card game is a wildly entertaining online casino game. This game is peppered with Xmas cheer and none other than Santa Claus himself is there to drop off 7 presents for online players to unwrap. The moon is out, the stars are bright and the night is cool. Santa Claus and his reindeer are shooting across the midnight sky delivering Xmas cheer and gifts aplenty. The game encapsulates the essence of the holiday season. Players can enjoy quick and easy access to world of gently falling snowflakes, Xmas carols and presents aplenty.

This enticing online scratch card game is relatively straightforward to play. Santa fly’s by and drops off 7 boxes into the snow. Each of these presents holds a particular gift. All that players need to do is to match up 3 identical gifts to win the prize associated with that gift. Prizes are paid out in the following combinations:

  • 3 Chestnuts x 10,000
  • 3 Silver ornaments x 1,000
  • 3 Blue ornaments x 100
  • 3 Red ornaments x 10
  • 3 Green ornaments x 5
  • 3 Fuchsia ornaments x 2
  • 3 Purple ornaments x1

The game is available to players at Big Brother Bingo in a free-play mode and a real-money mode online. Betting starts at a minimum of £0.25 and goes as high as £10 per scratch card game. An AutoPlay function allows players to set the game to make 5 attempts. Should any winnings accrue, they are instantly credited to the player’s bankroll – whether in real or fun-play mode. Players have two options when it comes to revealing the hidden gifts within the game. They can either click on individual presents or click to reveal all the boxes simultaneously.

X Factor

X Factor Scratch CardStar power is brought to the gaming arena with the ever-popular X Factor Scratch Card game. This sensational instant-win game is based on the wildly popular X Factor singing contest. The TV competition is available to solo singers and groups. World renowned personalities in Cheryl Cole, Danni Minogue, Louis Walsh and Simon Cowell served as judges in the show and the rest is show-stopping entertainment. The X Factor Scratch Card game brings the selfsame buzz to the online gaming arena.

How to Play the X-Factor Scratch Card Game?
The game is for novices and seasoned professionals alike. No strategy or skill is required to win mega-payouts on this game. It’s quick and easy to get started. BigBrotherBingo provides this game to players in an instant-play free mode. That means no download or deposit is necessary to get started. Simply click to play the X Factor Scratch Card game. Each X Factor Scratch Card is comprised of 9 squares. Behind each of the squares are symbols. Players are tasked with matching any 3 symbols to win the associated prizes.

The symbols pay out in the following amounts:

  • Speaker symbols x 1
  • CD symbols x 2
  • X Factor ticket symbols x 5
  • Microphone symbols x 10
  • Singing man symbols x 100
  • Singing woman symbols x 1,000
  • X Factor Logos x 10,000

The game is affordable to players, as wagers start from as low as £0.25 and go up to £10 per game. With winnings of up to x 10,000, players stand to win as much as £100,000 off a £10 bet. But real prizes are only available on real wagers. Switching to real-money mode is a snap. Players can simply click to register a real online account, deposit cash and start winning real money. An AutoPlay feature allows players to automatically spin up to 5 times. Any accrued winnings that result, are instantly credited to the player’s account online.

Bye Bye Nicola & Romeo!

Another eviction & another trip to the house with some of our lovely players – this time it was billyjolen08 & her friend! And yet again there was a shock in store!

We knew Nicola was going to get booted out & we were sure that the Twins would be next in the double eviction! From what we can gather no-one likes them … BUT somehow they managed to dodge the bullet again & it was the lovely Romeo that went! Eh?

We can’t get out head round the evictions at all this year, so who the winner will be is anyone’s guess … who are you backing???


Celebrate with the CBB winner & a share of £3,000!

Want to win a share of £3,000 this Friday? Of course you do … & it just so happens BigBrotherBingo is giving away £3,000 cash!

To be in with a chance of winning a share of the £3,000 prize fund, simply sign into your BigBrotherBingo account now & follow the below instructions:

  1. Deposit £10 or more before 18:00 on Fri 27th Jan
  2. Before processing the deposit, enter the first name of the below Celeb you think will win in the ‘Promotion Code‘ box

You can only vote once & everyone who guesses correctly wins a share of the pot!

Make sure you watch the final on Friday & GL housemates! We can’t wait to see who the winners are … both on Celebrity Big Brother & in the BigBrotherBingo house!

One entry per alias & only available on deposits over £10.
Competition closes at 18:00 on Friday 27th Jan.
Winners will be credited on Monday 30th Jan.

Online Bingo Vacation Packages

News media reports have been circulating of late, detailing the tactics and strategies of online bingo rooms in respect of luring players into the gaming arena. Chief among the promotional tactics employed by the world’s leading online bingo rooms is the ‘vacation package’ promo. Competition among online bingo rooms is fierce and astute bingo players are combing the web for a chance to maximize their gains when signing up. The top online bingo rooms employ the concepts of free bingo games and no deposit bingo bonuses among their chief strategies. But players often seek out more than bonus cash – which incidentally comes with all manner of fine print in the form of wagering requirements. For players the issue is thus one of maximum gain with minimal input. This is where online bingo rooms have been able to ‘sell’ the vacation package concept.

Innovation Channels Registration

Among the world’s top-tier online bingo rooms, exotic vacation promotional packages are commonplace. Bingo players looking to benefit from playing online will find these tailored options plenty rewarding. They range from dream holidays in the Caribbean to the Canary Islands. And there are a handful of top deals offering getaways to Las Vegas, Nevada. These online bingo promotional offers have raised the bar on player expectations. The UK is home to the world’s most flourishing bingo market. Players have access to a treasure trove of sign-up packages and offers. And owing to the fact that UK weather is oftentimes lousy, the notion of an exotic vacation is plenty alluring to most every bingo player. The packages tend to include flights, accommodation, spending money and souvenirs from the bingo room in question. And to promote these contests, many online bingo rooms will issue a series of free bingo tickets to whet players’ appetites.

Research Pays Off

While there are many top bingo rooms offering these types of online bingo vacation packages, it works in a player’s best interests to conduct a little online research. The bingo rooms in question should be contacted to verify the validity of any offers and the terms and conditions of participation in the promotions should be understood. If a progressive jackpot bingo game is being punted, players will do well to understand the associated wagering requirements etcetera. In any event, bingo vacations are a hot topic in the news media.