Allegations of Stolen Bingo Money Results in Termination for Two Teachers

Are Two Teachers on the Take?

Pam and Johnny Trujillo taught at Northglenn Middle School for the past 16 and 14 years, respectively. The Adams 12 Five Star Schools have fired the pair for stealing Bingo Fundraiser Money that was intended for a trip to New York for students. An internal audit conducted by the school district revealed that $25,000 was missing and that some of that money was used by the Trujillos to put a down payment on a personal trip to Rome.

  The 411 on the Stolen Bingo Money

 The Bingo fundraisers for the Northglenn Middle School were hosted by Hollywood Bingo in Wheat Ridge. One of the owners, Jan Kissell expressed disappointment that the money would be taken from the kids and in turn from the Bingo Hall. According to Kissell, the Trujillos essentially walked out the back door of Hollywood Bingo with $14,000 and owners at the parlor maintain that there is outstanding rent money owed to them. An internal audit conducted by the school district determined that a sum of $25,000 was missing, further confirming that some of the money went to Trujillo family and friends, and some went to the down payment for that trip to Rome. There is no information available regarding the New York trip that the money was initially intended for, but the trip to Rome that the Trujillos planned will certainly not transpire with Bingo Funds.

Adams County School Board Perspective

 Adams 12 Five Star Schools elected to fire both Pam Trujillo and her husband Johnny Trujillo. According to district records, the official reason for Pam Trujillo’s termination was documented as insubordination and immorality. Despite hearing officer recommendations of an alternative, her husband Johnny Trujillo was fired, as well. Mark Clark, president of the Adams 12 School Board said that “we hold our kids accountable; we have them expelled for their behavior. I think the same rules apply for everybody”. When questioned about the situation, Pam Trujillo told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger that she would not discuss the situation.

Other sources indicate that the Trujillos accept responsibility for their actions and the theft of the Bingo Funds. They are participating in a diversion program that if successfully completed, and if they refrain from any additional illegal acts, the theft charges will not appear on their records. Attorneys for the Trujillos were also unwilling to comment but it is possible that restitution may be made to the school district in order to recover some of the money for the students.