Aztec Rising Jackpot Slots

The Aztec Rising Jackpot Slot

Aztec Rising Jackpot SlotsThe Aztec Rising Jackpot Slot is a progressive jackpot slot that comprises of five reels for spinning and twenty five pay lines to choose from. One must spin these fabulous reels to form a winning pattern to take home prize money. The beautiful game board grid has been covered with gorgeous Aztec coins, calendars and several other precious and ancient artifacts.

The Game Play

If you are lucky to display three or more Aztec calendars on your grid board, you will find yourself enchanted by your entry into the magical chamber of the Aztec Calendars. You must then select from amongst five magical precious shimmering stones, to unearth prizes for yourself that shall be multiplied a hundred fold into the amount of your initial betting.

Free Games

The Aztec Rising Jackpot Slot also has a very special feature by which you can be awarded free games to play. If you should be lucky to have a display of Aztec coins on your game grid board, then you shall be royally awarded to up to twenty five free games. And should you win any of these games, your rewards shall be doubled.
With attractive features as such and a chance to win a lot of money, the Aztec Rising Jackpot is indeed bliss to play.