Bingo Helps to Raise Money to Spread Awareness

The United States is one of the richest and most developed, and industrialized countries in the world. Perhaps what is most surprising is that despite being one of the most industrialized countries the United States is home to a large amount of people with HIV. Now, students at UNC are looking to raise awareness. They are hosting Drag Bingo night This Thursday.

Now, thanks to Bingo – everyone can become a part of the solution. The action is taking place on Thursday with DRAG Bingo Night.The South is particularly important in the fight against HIV/AIDS, as it contains the largest amount of people living and dying from this disease. Currently, there is a rather large spending shortage on treatment and prevention. This is particularly prevalent in the South, where this epidemic has spread faster than the funding of prevention.

The Problem is Complacency

 To sum up, the biggest obstruction to prevention and treatment would be complacency. As a result of complacency by traditional media outlets, the perception has become that HIV/AIDS is no longer a problem inside the United States. Lack of proper prevention and treatment has helped cause this disease to become an epidemic. Currently, college students are one of the largest ‘at risk’ groups for this completely preventable and treatable illness.

The public is cordially invited to partake this Thursday for Drag Bingo night hosted by APPLES Civil Rights team. The ‘Dress in Drag’ Bingo fundraiser will help to educate patrons about the various risks of HIV. There will be collection signatures for a petition that plans on being brought to the General Assembly of North Carolina. It will detail how the students would like them to continue funding for community services. These services include prevention, assistance with medication, and funding to nonprofit organizations that work with individuals with HIV and Aids. This will all be possible on Thursday at Drag Bingo Night.