Doubleup Ducks Jackpot

The Doubleup Ducks Jackpot

Doubleup Ducks JackpotThe Doubleup Ducks Jackpot Slot consists of five reels for spin and twenty five pay lines to choose for play. As we’ve all loved our bath time yellow rubber duckies, a game as such to design was inevitable. The game board grid as the theme suggest comprises of yellow rubber ducks as well as several other lovely animals. You can’t help but love this beautiful game board grid.

Special Features

The Doubleup Ducks Jackpot Slot also has a scatter and a wild feature for added game excitement and big wins. The scatter feature here is represented by the duck. The pink elephant plays the role of the wild symbol. If you should be lucky to display five or more of these symbols, you shall be rewarded with an amazing nine thousand five hundred credit score!


The primary feature of Doubleup Ducks Jackpot is that it does not only have a jackpot for you to win big money, but it is one of the very few slot games which also has a progressive jackpot which simply get bigger and bigger as you play to win a lot of money, making you rich!