European Roulette

The European Roulette

European RouletteThe European Roulette is the most popular online form of roulette played worldwide. It is an exciting game coupled with luck and chance and gives you massive pay outs like a humongous four thousand five hundred crispy quid! As with all roulettes you must guess the number the ball stops on the spinning roulette.


Game Play

Once all bets have been placed the little ball is released to find its way onto a number that one lucky player has picked or maybe not. It’s a complete game of chance. You can however, place a variety of bets for a wide array of outcomes within the two main betting categories called the Inside and the Outside. Inside bets have been based on any number inside the roulette table which is number zero to number thirty six. The Outside bet is when you choose any number from outside the roulette table.

Special Bets

The Inside bets comprise of a straight up, a split, a street, a square, a five and six number bet. While the Outside bets consist of a column, a dozen and an even-money bet. With a wide variety of bets and a large pay out on your bets, it is no wonder that the European Roulette has stood its high stance on the ladder of popular casino table games.