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Advanced technology offers ease of play for UK Bingo fans whether it’s at the Bingo Hall or an online Bingo site. As a matter of fact, for Bingo novices, the best way to acclimate one-self to the game could be to visit the vast array of sites available online. Which Bingo UK is a phenomenal way to locate the very best and most favorably reviewed online Bingo hot-spots. A rise in the appeal of online Bingo arrives as the UK sees a bit of a decline in profit at local Bingo clubs. Uncertainty remains, even for online Bingo profits as the UK faces new legislation that would increase taxes on Bingo winnings.

Recent Bans in Bingo Halls May Effect Face-to-Face Play

 Bingo is certainly not a new game, with origins dating back to the 1500’s in Italy. A succession of evolutionary changes from its conception in Italy to how it is now played in Bingo halls throughout the UK, Bingo has come a long way! Twentieth century North American Bingo utilized beans to mark the numbers on cards, a method devised by the Native Americans. In the mid-1900’s the UK introduced Bingo, legalizing the well-liked game in 1968. At that point, Bingo halls became quite common across the British Islands.

Recent speculation about a decline in Bingo attendance, as well as a significant decrease in profit for Bingo halls across the UK begs the question – is Bingo losing popularity in the UK? The answer to that question is likely a definitive ‘No’. The culprit for the decline in profits could very well be in part due to the smoking ban that took effect in 2007. There appears to be a correlation between the ban on smoking and the closure of over one hundred Bingo establishments, many of which closed within the past five years.

As customers opt to step outside to smoke as opposed to remaining inside between Bingo games, the profit made on slot machines has taken a dip. Bans on particular slot machines could be a contributing factor in the dip, as well. When it was permitted the smoking crowd chose to pass the break time by playing slots while enjoying a cigarette. Reports indicate that Bingo profits have declined by £125 million since 2006. Much uncertainty remains as to the profitability of on-site Bingo. To this day, however, Bingo in the UK endures, with continued evolutionary variations made available through modern technology

Could New Legislation Discourage Online Bingo Players?

 Proposed legislation may now impose increased taxes on Bingo Jackpots. Online Bingo has indeed increased in popularity over the course of the past decade. Is it possible that internet Bingo sites could see a decline in profits much like the land-based Bingo parlors? An interesting correlation between the decline in land-based attendance and the growing popularity of internet Bingo sites presents itself here. A grand way to learn how to play Bingo and acclimate oneself to the variations available today is to sit down in the comfort of your own home and take part in Bingo online.

Which Bingo UK offers players guidance to a plethora of internet Bingo sites. Each month Which Bingo UK highlights a top rated Bingo site, in addition presents monthly bonuses, special offers, and fantastic deals. Bingo online is a splendid way to play at your own leisure, any time of day or night The Canadian company Parlay Entertainment was the first to patent internet Bingo technology. Internet Bingo sites are owned and operated privately, Parlay simply provides the software and technology for these online Bingo clubs and casinos.

Bingo Gaming – Social Entertainment

Parlay’s latest application – Parlay 4 & Chatterbox made available in 2006 which allows Bingo participants to simultaneously interact in chat rooms with other players. This technology actually simulates the camaraderie that one would experience by live attendance in a land-based Bingo hall. New concerns are now being raised as to how the privately operated Bingo sites will manage fiscally if new legislation in the UK is passed to increase the tax on Bingo winnings. In all actuality however, and judging by the long-standing enthusiasm for the game, it seems unlikely that gambling buffs and Bingo devotees will be deterred from the excitement and exhilaration experience.