Jackpot 15

The Jackpot 15 Jackpot Slot

Jackpot 15Jackpot 15 is a classic jackpot slot game that has a fixed odds Keno feature. You must select your stake then choose between numbers one and fifteen from an immense pool of eighty numbers. Your wins shall depend on the number of correct matches you make from the twenty  balls you pick.

Game Play

Playing the Jackpot 15 slot is as easy as pie. Use the direction arrows on the screen to pick numbers. You can also have the computer pick a fifteen numbers for you at random. The correctly matched numbers shall determine your prize wins. Unlike other slot games, you don’t have to spin reels to create winning patterns. You just pick numbers and see your reels of luck spin to make you rich!

Special Features

This jackpot slot of Jackpot 15 is available to play throughout the day and all days of the week. You can use the random pick options to have the computer pick your numbers. This feature sorts the game for you with the least hassle. The special effects of visuals and sound of the game, make it attractive to play and much sort after.