La Partage Roulette

The La Partage Roulette Game

La Partage RouletteThe La Partage Roulette is a fabulous roulette game which comprises of the standard roulette to spin and numbers from zero to thirty six. What makes this particular roulette game very exciting and much better than the rest is that this game increases your chances of winning to very high probability. With La Partage Roulette you are offered indemnity from the number zero and hence if you should lose, you will only stand to lose half the money from your bet.


Special Features

Another spectacular quality of the La Partage Roulette is that it comprises of a house with a much lower edge, increasing your chances of winning by up to three fold! The house’s edge is lowered from a massive 2.35% to a merger 1.35% which is simply brilliant.

Playing this game is as easy as pie and you soon get the hang of it. Come play along, win a lot of money and get rich.