Technology to Revitalize the Bingo Industry

Bingo gets an upgrade!

 A bingo hall in Peterborough is one of the first to modernize with the goal of saving a deteriorating industry. Ten years ago, there were over 200 bingo halls that were bustling in the towns and cities of Ontario. According to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, there are now only 61 bingo halls that are remain. In an attempt to draw in a more assorted crowd and to peak more interest in the suffering game, Petergorough’s Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation regulated bingo hall is one of several hall that is receiving new digitalized gaming options. It is technology that is hoped to be the savior of bingo halls.

Bingo Technology

The spokesperson for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, Rui Brum says that bingo halls have been see a decline in profits between 8 and 10 cents each early which equals approximately $200 million in total. Electronic bingo machines were put in these bingo halls 5 years ago and operate in the same way that traditional bingo does except the computer blots off the bingo numbers. For those who prefer the traditional bingo, there are regular cards that are available. The machines have been in operation for an entire 5 years since their introduction. The Clonsilla Avenue bingo hall has 110 electronic bingo machines, also known as geckos, which offer games with a bingo-theme. This hall will soon be getting an additional 90 machines.

Bingo Business Model

Brum states that these machines as well as a proper profit-sharing system will all play a part in the rebuilding and modernization of these bingo halls. This also means that some bingo halls will be physically renovated. The updated profit-sharing system indicates that operators will receive 47% of the profits, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation and charities with get 25% and the last 3% is used for municipalities. Brum says that this will standardize bingo halls and enable charities to receive the money that they truly need. There are currently 44 charities that are associated with bingo halls and each works a set number of shifts every month in return for a check for the charity.

Bingo Hall Renovation

In May, a bingo hall in Peterborough previously named Kawartha Club Bingo was bought by 2 bingo operators, Boardwalk and Delta Bingo and this is now the name of the bingo hall. The regional manager for the bingo hall, Tom Aikins, says that he is now having the building signs changed. He also states that the renovation of the bingo hall will give the building a fresh look, modern services and an expanded beverage and food menu as well as a lounge in the front of the building. This bingo hall is also licensed to sell alcoholic beverages. Brum states that the renovations will draw in more people who are not only looking to play bingo but also looking to relax, eat and have a drink. The companies say they have a lot of hope for this bingo hall and that these renovations generate a significant increase in revenue. This bingo hall will also be part of the new profit-sharing system starting this fall.

Authorities Raid Bingo Facility at Center Stage Alabama

Law enforcement officers raid a casino at Center Stage Alabama and were able to seize a lot of machines a substantial sum of cash. Law enforcers from the office of Attorney General Luther Strange said that the warrant was released because of the ongoing illegal operations by the Bingo Pavilion. For the past few months, the authorities have been investigating and Wednesday marked the culmination of those activities. Strange said that ever since his first day in office, he made it a point to impose illegal gambling laws all over the state.

Strange Outlaws Gambling

The warrant from Strange resulted in the seizure of hundreds of gambling machines, along with a significant amount of cash. The evidence will be used against the Bingo Hall in Alabama in the Houston County court. So far, no arrests have been made and the investigative team has not released information to the public. Center Stage Bingo Hall was given an opportunity to surrender their bingo-related assets in past – to no avail. Thus, AG Strange’s team had no choice but to confiscate all aforementioned items. As recently as the middle of July, law enforcement already blocked people from being able to go inside the casino.

Nationwide Shutdown Looming?

AG Strange added that several of the nation’s gambling machine factories ceased operations because of law enforcement’s efforts to impose illegal gambling laws. One of the casinos that closed is Country Crossing which later re-opened and changed its name to Center Stage. Sadly, this was done with illegal machines. Country Crossing closed in 2010 with the help of the Alabama Department of Public Safety and the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Ronnie Gilley, the previous Country Crossing developer, was sentenced to more than 6 years in prison after pleading guilty to 11 different counts related to illegal gambling which includes bribery, money laundering and conspiracy. AG Luther Strange said that Gilley offered millions of dollars to state lawmakers so he could get their support for legalized gambling. The AG suggested that the government should increase penalties against illegal gambling operations, to ensure that all operations would cease to exist. Until this happens, illegal casino operators will continue to make millions of dollars and it will continue to be a problem.

Bingo and Law Enforcement Both on Hold in Hobson City, Alabama

A new Bingo Hall in Hobson City, Alabama set to open in September is put on delay once again due to issues that have arisen over the legality of e-Bingo, or electronic Bingo devices. The man who is opening the new Bingo Hall – to be named I-20 Bingo, explained that opening was originally scheduled in April but was set- back due to problems with renovation. Rogers will open in September and offer paper Bingo only, until the legal issues regarding electronic Bingo can be ironed out. The revenue that the Bingo Hall is expected to bring in will assist Hobson City with funding to acquire one or two new much needed police officers.

Prison Sentence for Bingo Fiends

Three Alabama men were sentenced to prison on July 16, 2012 for their involvement in conspiracy and bribery of the Alabama State Legislature. U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson imposed the sentence based on guilty pleas. Of the nine defendants on trial, none were convicted. U.S. District Court acquired victory through guilty pleas by the four individuals who have pleaded thus far. The conspiracy revolved around legislation that would permit electronic Bingo in the State. One of the defendants, Ronald Gilley, local businessman owned a controlling interest in real estate that would have stood to profit from an implementation of electronic Bingo. According to recent AP reports, there still may be more charges pending.

Legalities over Electronic Bingo to Blame

 The new I-20 Bingo Hall will open in September, says Larry Rogers, the man responsible for the new facility. The first date set to open in April was delayed due to renovation set-backs. Rogers did not want open the new Bingo Hall in the summer because school is out and many people are on vacation – “Bingo is the last thing on their minds”, said Rogers. Calhoun County Bingo Commission had granted full approval for the facility and the use of electronic Bingo devices. Alabama law grants authority to the Bingo Commission to approve Bingo permit applications and issuances. The Calhoun County District attorney, however, sent a letter to the commission informing them that the electronic devices are not legal in Calhoun County.

According to Bingo Commissioner Ralph Woods, legislation would have to change the current regulations in order for the electronic Bingo to be used. Paper Bingo is legal in the county under the condition that a minimum of 10% of money raised is donated to charity or educational donations. Woods himself does not have a problem with the devices, which are TAB-e machines manufactured by Video King of Nebraska. The devices are much like a tablet computer with a touch screen. The Bingo cards are loaded on the device and players can mark off numbers for all of the cards simultaneously.

Hobson’s Police-Force or Lack Thereof, Hangs in the Balance

 Hobson City residents and official alike have been waiting for almost a year for the new Bingo Hall to open. They are counting on the extra revenue that is expected to be generated to re-establish a much needed city police force. Hobson City residents are quite concerned over speeding, lack of general safety, and the streets being used as drag strips. Last year a man was shot and killed in Hobson City, further generating public concern for the safety of the residents. Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office is currently the only ‘acting’ law enforcement for the town.

The town is not patrolled on a regular basis, but typically only come to town when a resident calls in a complaint. In 2006 the last police chief, Daryl Parker was convicted on two counts of weapon sales to a convicted felon along with one count of extortion. The department has been closed ever since despite efforts by the town council to find a way to fund permanent law enforcement. The Hobson City Mayor, stated that the new officers would perform all of the duties that any law enforcement agency would – from responding to calls to traffic and patrol. McCrory conveyed that residents still want to know when they will get perm anent police officers.

Sentenced to Prison Time – Key Players in Bingo Corruption Case are ‘Guilty’

Scandalous Bingo!

Three Alabama men were sentenced to prison on July 16, 2012 for their involvement in conspiracy and bribery of the Alabama State Legislature. U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson imposed the sentence based on guilty pleas. Of the nine defendants on trial, none were convicted. U.S. District Court acquired victory through guilty pleas by the four individuals who have pleaded thus far. The conspiracy revolved around legislation that would permit electronic Bingo in the State. One of the defendants, Ronald Gilley, local businessman owned a controlling interest in real estate that would have stood to profit from an implementation of electronic Bingo. According to recent AP reports, there still may be more charges pending.

Sentenced to nearly five years in prison, former State Representative Terry Spicer of Elba pleaded guilty to one count of federal bribery on July 16. Spicer requested and received bribes in exchange for persuading clients of lobbyist Jarrod Massey, lobbyist to sway legislation in favor of electronic gaming. Ronald Gilley was one of Massey’s largest clients and the two gave money, gifts, and trips to Alabama legislatures for their favorable votes. Another former lobbyist, Jennifer Pouncy pleaded guilty, as well and is awaiting sentencing set for August 29. In total, nine defendants stood trial for the conspiracy and bribery.

The Low Down on the Alabama Legislation

 The plan was to bribe their way to legislation for legal gambling in Alabama. Gilley and Massey both admitted on the stand to an array of corruption. Both men attempted to bribe both State and Federal legislature. Gilley pleaded guilty to laundering money in an attempt to cover-up $200,000 in bribes to a State Senator. Spicer also pleaded guilty to accepting cash payments of $1,000-$3,000 per month for over four years, $20,000 campaign contributions, $22,500 in concert tickets, and a ski-trip with a price tag of $10,000.

Gilley’s controlling interest in the real estate that would have offered electronic Bingo to the Alabama public was a driving force behind the bribes and attempt to cover-up by laundering some of the money. Gilley was presented as a key witness for the government two trials in this case. The Alabama attorney general’s office is currently reviewing allegations of corruption that both Gilley and Massey testified about to a State grand jury. Pending review, more charges are possible.

Des Hasler Gets Hassled by Bingo Hall Ladies

Australian bingo ladies love their rugby!

Des Hasler, the former coach of the Manly Leagues Rugby Club, resigned his position in 2011 to coach for Canterbury in 2012. Many fans have been divided about this decision and the debate still continues at a local bingo hall. The former Manly coach made his return to Brookvale Oval with his new team and left with a victory against his old one. Before the game, he stated that the ‘little old ladies’ love him and did not expect much criticism. Contrary to his belief, there are still Manly fans and ‘little old ladies’ who still feel betrayed by his move.

Criticism at the Bingo Hall

Women at a local bingo hall were buzzing about the return of Hasler, some with criticism and some with warm wishes. When the issue of Hasler’s return was mentioned, it incited an intense debate between the women. Anastasia Harris is one of Hasler’s toughest critics, saying that he sold his soul when he left Manly after winning the 2011 premiership. She goes on to say that he was on an unbeatable streak and all the fans were pleased. Harris also stated that Hasler made a name for himself as a coach with manly and then promptly deserted his roots and his fans.

The Other Side of the Bingo Hall Debate

Not all of the women at the bingo hall have the same opinion of Hasler as Anastasia Harris. Rhonda Turnbull told reporters that it is not possible to have the same coach forever and when another coach steps up, Manly will defeat Canterbury. Turnbull also says that she forgives Hasler as he was dedicated to Manly for years. Beryl Benson has a much more matter-of-fact opinion about Hasler, saying that he is simply gone, period. She says that Manly thought they needed him more than they really do and Manly will do fine without Hasler. Benson says that she does not love Hasler anymore but she does love the Manly Leagues Rubgy Club.

Overall, most of the women at the bingo hall were saddened by the loss Hasler; they wanted the best for him. Jan Burke said that she has no ill will towards him and believes he is a good coach. Burke’s golfing partner, June McDonald agreed with Burke saying that the return to Brookvale Oval will be hard for Hasler because there will be many upset fans in attendance. She goes on to say that there are still ‘little old ladies’ at Manly that will show him support.

The Coaching Career of Des Hasler

Des Hasler became the head coach of Manly in 2004. Manly made it to the grand final in 2007 but lost to Melbourne Storm. In 2008, Manly defeated Melbourne Storm in the grand final with an astonishing score of 40 to 0. Hasler lead Manly to the finals in 2009 and 2010 but the team lost a final game each year. In 2011, Manly won the grand final and Hasler was given the coach of the year award. In 2011, Hasler decided to sign a coaching contract with Canterbury and is currently the head coach at that club.

Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Responsible for Bingo Licensing

291 licenses issued since 2001. See what organizations are eligible for Charitable Bingo licenses.

The enforcement and overseeing of bingo laws at the state level is now in the hands of the Alcohol Law Enforcement (ALE) Division. This move is seen to be even more effective in deterring commercialized gambling. Bingo is classified as a game of probability and is only considered legal if the organization involved carries a Charitable Bingo License. ALE is responsible of issuing these licenses as well as to carry out internal audits whenever needed and to ensure that the organization involved adheres to administrative bingo laws in their day to day operations. To date, ALE has administered 291 licenses since 2001. Based on the annual audits conducted by ALE on these licensed bingo organizations, over $31 million have been reported in annual gross receipts.

Despite being a receipt oriented program, the license fee of $200 charged annually does not include ALE’s operation expenses under the Bingo Licensing division. The remainder required for the program’s administration and supervision is derived from the operating budget given to ALE. Public complaints concerning bingo establishments are also processed by ALE and are handed over to the relevant district level ALE offices for further action and investigation. In 2001 alone, about 115 complaints were received from both the public and law enforcement organizations which were then investigated by agents at ALE as well as the Bingo administrators. In some cases, complaints need to be investigated in an inconspicuous way, which means more expenditure is needed to cover undercover work hours.

Beach Bingo

The law permits beach bingo to players to play for prizes and merchandize of not more than $10. The winning items cannot be redeemed for cash. Because Beach Bingo is not subjected to the similar rules and standards as non-profit bingo, this has resulted in fewer complaints received from the operators of non-profit bingo. ALE isn’t subjected to investigate Beach Bingo related complaints; however the complaints are routinely submitted to ALE by the local authorities due to ALE’s expertise in the non-profit bingo enforcement field.

Non-Profit Bingo

ALE has characterized the organizations that can apply for the Charitable Bingo licenses and these are civic, fraternal, religious, , patriotic, veteran, volunteer fire departments or volunteer rescue squads as well as bona-fire non-profit charitable and property owners’ associations. License applications to run a charitable bingo game by the non-profits can be submitted to the N.C. Dept. of Public Safety, Alcohol Law Enforcement. An annual non-refundable fee of $200 needs to be made when applying. These agencies are allowed operation hours of not more than two times each week and not longer than five hours each session. every session is required to have a 48 hour gap between games. The sale of alcohol is also prohibited during the games.

Duties and regulations concerning the licensing and enforcement of non-profit bingo was assigned to the Department of Crime Control and Public Safety on July 1, 1999 whereas the Bingo Licensing Section transferred to the Division of Alcohol Law Enforcement.

Armed Burglary at Bingo Hall Injures Employee

A bingo hall armed burglary left terror in it wake, as players head for online bingo!

The 165 Bingo Hall, located on U.S. 165 North in Monroe, Louisiana, was the subject of an armed burglary that took place a little after 1 AM on the first Saturday in July 2012. The robbery was a bloody mess, as shots were fired from the handguns of the thieves. One person, an employee of the bingo hall, was injured and rushed to the hospital. The victim was reported to be in stable condition. The masked criminals grabbed an unknown amount of cash before fleeing the bingo hall. Monroe police are now searching for the two robbers.

Armed Burglaries at Bingo Halls in the U.S.

 In addition to the burglary at the Monroe bingo hall, several other armed robberies have recently occurred in diverse areas of America. Back in April 2012, two armed men traumatized bingo hall customers and fled with over $2,000 in cash from a local Kinston, North Carolina bingo hall. While no one was seriously hurt, a couple of people received scrapes and bruises as they fell trying to flee the gun-toting criminals. Police have no leads as to the identity of the thieves.

Three teenagers have confessed to the armed robbery of a local bingo hall in Palm Bay, Florida. That hold-up occurred in May of this year. Witness statements to the police confirmed that guns were used in the burglary. The robbers were identified by surveillance videos, which contained footage of the three teens casing the bingo hall without masks prior to the theft. A local bingo hall was robbed in Columbia, South Carolina, by six armed men wearing masks. In the early morning hours of May 12, 2012, the six men ran into the business establishment with drawn guns, loudly demanding money.

The customers and employees of the bingo hall dropped to the floor. Two of the thieves threw a copier on top of the business manager. The criminals stole cell phones, women’s purses, cash and the feeling of safety from customers and employees alike. The manager, Donnell Richardson, commented that the players and staff members are like family. That sense of comfort and security has now been severely damaged. The criminals remain at large.

Bingo Halls in the UK Hit by Armed Thieves

 America is not the only country plagued with this type of thievery. In Belfast, Ireland, two men robbed a bingo hall on 28 June 2012. One of the two bandits was armed with a screw driver, and threatened a staff member. The thieves fled with an undisclosed amount of money. Also in the UK, this past February three masked men, two of whom were armed, entered a local Durham bingo club. They traumatized employees and customers, demanded that the safe be opened and stole a substantial amount of cash.

Weapons and masks appear to be common elements in the rash of bingo hall robberies. It has been suggested that surveillance cameras and a ban on hooded clothing worn by customers may help to turn the tide against this type of violent thievery. Many bingo hall customers have reacted to the criminal activity by turning to online bingo.

Electronic Bingo tainted in Alabama

Alabama lobbyists and senators faced federal investigation over Bingo electronic machines that were banned.

Bingo assaulted in Alabama

The federal government recommended three men in Alabama serve prison sentences in their role to influence pro-gambling legislation on the game, Bingo. Ronnie Gilley and his former lobbyist, Jarrod Massey, were recommended to serve prison terms of approximately 11 years each. Former legislator, Terry Spicer, could serve four to six years in prison, according to the government. Formal sentencing for all was pending. Four senators were also indicted. They have since been acquitted.

Gilley’s prison time was reduced because Gilley helped the government’s investigation by meeting with them frequently and steering them in the right direction more than once. He assisted the Alabama Attorney General’s office with a corruption case and testified in two trials that required him to be on the witness stand for 11 days total. Last year, Gilley pleaded guilty to conspiracy; bribery, six counts; and money laundering, four counts. The charges stem from a plan to bribe elected officials to pass pro-gambling legislation. The case has been called the Bingo Corruption Case. Gilley was actually eligible to receive a sentence of 21 to 27 years, but his assistance to the government knocked a possible 16 years off.

The lobbyists also pleaded guilty. In addition to Massey, Lobbyist Jennifer Pouncy admitted guilt. Two separate trials acquitted all other persons associated with the case, including the casino owner. But the case took a dreary turn about six months ago when one of the defendants was found dead, apparently from suicide. Ray Crosby, a former legislative analyst in Alabama, was said to be financially drained from the Bingo Corruption Case, which was scheduled for its second trial. Jury selection was suspended after Crosby’s body was discovered. Family members commented on a news site about Crosby’s financial state and that they believe he died of a heart attack.

Background information on the case points to the Casino Owner Milton McGregor, who suffered a huge monetary loss because gambling bans were placed on his Bingo electronic gambling machines. In one year, his 6,000 machines raked in $40 million in revenue, but after the ban, McGregor lost $4 million from the year’s profits. McGregor was tied to Gilley through a casino development Gilley was overseeing. Lawmakers were persuaded to lift the ban on the electronic Bingo machines. The Federal Bureau of Investigation worked with law enforcement and politicians to monitor conversations about the conspiracy by recording them, but defense attorneys scoffed at the tapes, saying the conversations revealed normal discussion about the lawmaking process.

Electronic Bingo machines have caused its owners a lot of grief in the past several years. The Alabama Attorney General informed Bingo resorts they would have to get rid of the machines or they would be at the mercy of local law enforcement raids. Indeed, state troopers conducted numerous raids in the early morning hours to shut Bingo halls down by order of the governor. A new governor ended up disbanding the taskforce at the same time the attorney general warned Alabama’s gambling laws would be enforced. At least one judge ruled in favor of the machines for local venues, however, major Bingo operations were raided days following the ruling.

Corruption in the Alabama Bingo Legislature

Prison cells are waiting for those who use bribery to change laws!

Business as usual does not include the bribery of state lawmakers! Former State Representative, Terry Spicer pled guilty to one count of accepting bribes. Ronnie Gilley, the developer of Country Crossings Bingo Casino entered a guilty plea as to multiple counts involving bribery in exchange for gaming legislation votes. A third defendant, Jarrod Massey, a casino lobbyist, also pled guilty to multiple counts involving bribery for legislative votes.

Money talks in every country of the world. Some people who are loaded with profits, resort to bribery when they see no other way to change prohibitive laws. However, at his sentencing, Gilley fully acknowledged the wrongfulness of his actions, without rationalizing the cause. Gilley did not mention the fact that he reasonably feared that his business was about to be terminated by former Gov. Bob  Riley. The casino developer fully understands that there are no excuses for corruption.

Political Corruption at the Heart of Bingo

Gilley testified for the state at the corruption trials of and other defendants, all of whom were acquitted regardless of Gilley’s testimony. The prosecutor recommended leniency in sentencing Gilley due to his full cooperation with law enforcement and the judicial system. At his sentencing on July 16, 2012, Gilley made clear that corruption is pervasive in Alabama. He fully confirms the prosecutor’s perception that bribery undermines the American legislative process and robs citizens of their trust in elected officials.

Ronnie Gilley is, above all else, a positive and forward-thinking individual. In his comments to reporters after the sentencing, Gilley expressed his concern regarding the BamaJam Farms which he has worked hard to develop. He believes that the BamaJam Farms will contribute to the establishment of Alabama as a tourist mecca. Gilley also hopes that the sentencing of the trio will result in the initiation of the end of Alabama corruption. He wants to move beyond the issues of his case and see some good result from all of the intense trauma. The developer of the Country Crossings Bingo Casino has proven himself to be quite a strong, honest and impressive individual.

Terry Spicer, former State Representative

All three of the defendants and their respective families have been completely traumatized by the case against them. Terry Spicer chose to rationalize his receipt of bribes by characterizing them as gifts from family friend Jarrod Massey. Spicer stated to the Court that his guilty plea was the result of the lack of sufficient funds with which to fight the charges against him. However, in answer to the judge’s pointed question during sentencing, Spicer admitted that he is not innocent. In the moment of judgment, some rise above, and others slither away.

Prison Sentences

Ronnie Gilley received the largest sentence. He will be incarcerated for almost seven years, and is required to forfeit $200,000. This prison sentence is 40% of the Federal Guidelines. The judge took several factors into consideration, including Gilley’s cooperation with the investigation into legislative vote-buying. Jarrod Massey was sentenced to 5½ years in prison, and is required to forfeit $20,000.

His sentence was lighter than the Federal Guidelines, due in part to his cooperation with the legal authorities. Terry Spicer was given a prison sentence of almost five years. He was also fined $40,000. Bribery is never to be sanctioned, as American freedom is dependent upon the lack of bias in the actions of legislators. In the words of Baretta: “Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.”

Bingo Musical Receiving Rave Reviews

Bingo Fever Reaches the Stage!

“Bingo,” a musical comedy, tells the story of three pals who play Bingo, displaying all the unique traits of Bingo lovers, from competitiveness to Troll dolls. The three used to make a foursome, but an argument 15 years ago cut the fourth person from the group. The musical frequently takes the audience back in time to clear up what happened long ago. The three main characters have their own strong character traits to set the stage. One of the characters hates to lose, one brings along all her ritual Bingo novelties, which include stuffed animals and Troll dolls, and the third goes through men like Bingo cards. The musical begins with all three driving in a downpour. They would rather die than miss their weekly game of Bingo.

Double the Fun with Bingo Galore!

As with every game of Bingo, there is a host and a caller, who are doing double duty. The hostess is also the competitive player who doesn’t want to lose, and the caller is actually two callers, one in the present and one in the past. The musical follows the game and shows the intimacy of friendships and dedication to the game. The musical is also interactive – three real Bingo games are played by the audience and one of the characters harasses a couple because they stole her seat. The audience even has a chance of winning cash.

A portion of the Bingo music lineup is “Girls Night Out,” “I Still Believe In You,” “Under My Wing,” “Gentleman Caller,” “Swell,” “B4” and “Finale.” Several tunes are loaded with comedy. Two of the main characters were hailed in a review as “powerful singers.” Reviewed by publications, the lyrics have been described as “Bouncy,” “Catchy,” and “Peppy.” The cast has delivered excellence before in musicals like “Mamma Mia!”, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” “Les Miserables” and “Phantom of the Opera.” “Bingo” the musical can be seen in major cities across the United States. It was also performed internationally.

Bingo Musical Genius!

Three authors are credited for the musical. “Bingo” is the second musical for the main writer, and did extremely well in Off Broadway productions. His first song was “Throw That Girl Around” for the musical “Swing!” It received a Grammy nomination and an award for Best New Work. A second author also wrote “Scott Free,” a sitcom bought by Paramount Pictures. The third author was part of the Broadway production “Titanic,” along with “Mamma Mia!”

“Bingo” is very funny right down to the props – its director made sure he projected the characters to their full comedic potential. One review of “Bingo” was sure the director choreographed certain scenes simply to make the audience laugh. The characters are dressed ridiculously colorful – sweaters, tasteless broaches and even a low-cut, cleavage showing dress for the player that loves men. The stage is set for Bingo, with the caller’s table, large Bingo numbers in the background, and in one production, a tiled floor like you might find in a common Bingo hall. In California, the audience was asked about the show afterward. Ticket purchasers said the musical was funny, the acting fantastic, it was fun and they loved it. One woman held $12 in her hand because her escort won it in the interactive game.