Mermaid’s Pearl

The Mermaid’s Pearl Video Slot

Mermaid’s PearlThe Mermaid’s Pearl Video Slot has three reels for spinning and twenty five pay lines to choose from. The slot has a stunning underwater theme to represent a sea life in the form of star fish, clams, sea shells, palm tree etc all splashed up on your game board grid.


Game Play

You can bet a minimum of point zero one to a maximum of one coin for each pay line. The oyster symbol is the wild symbol of the Mermaid’s Pearl video slot. The betting options for this game are very little with smaller payouts. So if you are looking for really very high stakes this may not be the game for you. Nonetheless if you a new kid on the block looking to have fun for very little money and want nothing to lose, this is the perfect place for you to be.

Bonus and Jackpots

You can win a maximum of a thousand coins as jackpot in the Mermaid’s Pearl Video slot. Even though this slot does not have a scatter feature or even free spins like most other slot games, the wild feature and the big jackpot more than make up for this deficit. Overall the Mermaid’s Pearl Video slot exudes a wonderful and pleasant theme which is good fun and lovely to play on. With nothing much to lose, this slot is definitely worth a try.