The Monopoly Slot

MonopolyThe Monopoly Slot game takes on the tradition of the board game. The main bonus feature here is the dice that you must roll to move around the board. It is similar to the original board game which you use to travel around and accumulate properties which shall in turn bag you a good bonus prize. Nonetheless, you could also go to jail which shall end the game impromptu.

Game Play

This authentic Monopoly slots game includes a host of fabulously familiar features including traditional reel symbols of cash prizes, property deeds and community chest symbols. Of course, the most familiar icon of this classic slots title is the Rich Uncle Penny bags. The game simply can’t be complete without it. You will find him jumping for joy after each win is achieved.

Special Features

If you prove lucky to pick up a chance or community chest card, you shall be amazed to find the benefits from it. You can bet up to ten tokens on any of the fifteen pay lines to win big pay outs. Should you arrive at the Free Parking, you shall activate a fantastic progressive jackpot.

Special features and intricate strategies make Monopoly online a sort after game to play. And with massive payouts as such, one cannot really resist playing this beautiful game.