Piggy Payout Jackpot

The Piggy Payout Jackpot Slot

Piggy Payout JackpotThe Piggy Payout Jackpot slot is a lovely game with a beautiful and quaint farm game with a refreshing feeling of the English countryside. The game board grid comprises of all the adorably farm animals you can imagine from sheep to chicken, goats and cows to hens and roaster and not forgetting pigs and ducks. Dogs and cat are also on display along with other farm symbols like the farm house, the windmill, the hay stacks, the paddocks etc. If you love the country, you must love this slot.

The Game Play

The Piggy Payout Jackpot Slot consists of five reels for spinning and twenty five pay lines to choose from. You must spin the reels to match a winning pattern along your selected pay lines to win big money prizes. The scatter symbols for the Piggy Payout Jackpot slot are the sheep and the pig. Should you prove lucky, to win three or more pigs you shall be awarded with free games for play. And if you win any of these free games, all your prizes shall be doubled!

Special Features

The Wild symbol of the Piggy Payout is the windmill. The windmill is a special wild symbol that substitutes for all the symbols on the grid board to make winning patterns, except for the sheep and pig scatter symbol. When you form a winning pattern using the windmill wild symbol, all your prizes as the scatter, are duly doubled. If you should have five cows displayed in a winning pattern on your grid, you will win five thousand credits on a line’s wager. In this way, you can win big with Piggy Payout!
It comes as no surprise then, that the Piggy Payout is a popular Jackpot slot.