Play Your Cards Right

The ‘Play Your Cards Right’ Video Slot

Play Your Cards RightThe game grid comprises of all the symbols you see in playing cards like the diamond, flowers, hearts, and spades, Kings, Queens and the Joker. You will also find a special symbol like a double chance and a grand finale. Should you get three or more of the card symbols, like three spades for example, you will have the Card Bonus round triggered.


Game Play

You will have the Higher Lower board as seen in the famous television show. You will also have a starter card which you can swap or keep; and then guess if the next card shall be a higher or a lower value card. You shall gain a lot of prize money as you slowly but steadily work your way up the board. You shall have a chance to choose a new card, every time you start a new line.

Grand Finale Bonus

Should you have three or more of the Grand Finale symbols, you will have the Grand Finale Bonus triggered. Similarly, three or more of the Double Chance symbols, will trigger the Double Chance Bonus. If you are to be lucky enough to get the final card selection correct, you shall have your entire prize money doubled!