Roland Rat

Roland RatRoland the famous rat puppet who joined the telly in the years gone by, has been quiet a savior to the sinking skip of the TV-am. The video slot commemorates Roland Rat and his wonderful works in entertainment.


The Roland Rat Video Slot

The Roland Rat Video slot consist of the star of the game Roland the Rat himself with radios, microphones, television sets, telephones, the pound notes, Roland famous flashy tacky lit up hoarding sign, sun shades etc. This video slot may not seem up your street, but placing a jolly good bet on the Roland Rat slot is child’s play! Look for the microphone labeled change bet to adjust betting according to what you desire. This alters the number of pay lines you choose to play on with the five spinning reels.

Playing and Winning

Auto play enables you to play and bet for a maximum consecutive hundred bets in a single row at the same standard rate. There is a gamble feature which can be used to begin a bonus card game. Even though there is no progressive jackpot in this slot, correctly spinning five scatter cards can help you win a very big jackpot. This significantly makes up for the lack of a progressive jackpot. Roland the rat himself standing behind the red curtain is yours truly scatter card!

Roland Rat video slots are fun and exciting for amateurs and experts alike. If you’ve grown up in the eighties with Roland the rat or not, you are sure to fall in love with this adorable game.