Shopping Spree

The Theme of Shopping Spree

Shopping SpreeIt is indeed every woman’s dream to go on a shopping spree. This online slot game does more justice to this desire than any other game. With a fabulous shimmering screen power packed with the latest accessories in fashion, branded perfumes, bling, leather shoes, designer wear, flowers, exquisite designer pearl and platinum jewellery and not forgetting a girl’s best friend, diamonds; you are everything a woman’s heart can desire. Some of these can fetch you big prizes with jackpots progressively increasing in value.

The Game Method
The Shopping Spree Slot game comprises of five progressive reels and nine pay lines. It also comes with a scatter symbol and maximum jackpot money. You must spin the reels to obtain a winning pattern. It is highly recommended that you play on top number of lines with the top number of coins, because a bet on all five coins is the only one that can help you win the big prize which just keeps growing. There are a few special features to help you win more often. Be looking for symbols like the pound sign and mystery bags. When you see three or more pound signs, you shall be filled with an instant credit bonus. The big money scatter bonus can prove to be pretty rewarding, which makes these symbols most sort after. If you spot three or more of the mystery bags, you shall trigger a bonus round for yourself. This bonus round will give you an option to pick one of the three question mark symbols which will bring you a multiplier of the triggering bet. When you click on a question mark symbol which hides a Collect X symbol, the bonus round shall end and you shall be left with the bonuses you’ve won.

If you are a lady you shall grow to love this game. However, if you are a gentleman, you might find it a bit boring. Nonetheless, the big money jackpot and bonuses do everyone justice, irrespective of gender. This makes Shopping Spree a game worthy of much praise.