Snakes and Ladders

The Snakes and Ladders Slot

Snakes and LaddersThe Snakes and Ladders slot game is similar to other online slot games. You must match symbols on the different pay lines of the spinning reels. The different symbols are worth different amounts of prize money. If you wish to know the rewards for different patterns, you can refer to the pay tables on display.

Game Play

You can start playing the ‘Snakes and Ladders’ Slot by selecting your stake. The minimum you can bet on each pay lines is one penny. If you are feeling a bit lucky then wage a bit more to bag high prizes by betting a maximum of twenty five quid on each line. The Snakes and Ladders online slots have twenty pay lines for you to choose from. You can spin the reel to make winning patterns.

Special Feature

The bonus round in the Snakes and Ladders slot is fun and playing it is easy as pie. You simply roll the dice to reveal the number of squares you progress. If you manage to hit a snake, you move back down the board, if you strike gold and get a ladder, you can climb straight up! How far you get shall determine how much you win. It is as simple as your original game board.

So play along and relive your childhood, while you earn money in the process.