Tin Town

The Slot Game of Tin Town

Tin TownThe bright shiny game grid board consists of tech-savvy metallic symbols like an unidentified flying object, a shot-gun, rifles, springs, batteries, parts of a robot, robots etc. This slot game has twenty six pay lines and five different reels with an exciting theme based on robots. It also has brilliant pay out rates, jackpots and bonus rounds. The flexible betting is sure to provide for hours of fun and entertainment.

Bonus and Jackpots

The game also has wild cards and scatter features, which help to significantly boost your winning prize money. The Free Spin rounds can help you earn a jackpot of ten thousand coins. You will also find bonus rounds and auto-play. Even though Tin Town does not offer you a progressive jackpot, it wishfully makes up for this by big wins in the free pins and bonus rounds. You will also find a multiplying feature to have all your winnings multiplied two or three fold!

The game has very impressive sound affects to give you the right feel of the game. You also have features like instant and auto-play to your suitability. You will also have a gamble features and free spins at Tin Town. These special features shall largely add to multiply your winning prize money. So if technology is what you fancy, wager a bet and win big at Tin Town!