White Wizard

White Wizard Magic

White WizardThe symbol are all reminiscent of what one would like to think they see when they imagine a wizard; such as a crystal topped staff, a dragon, a wizard, a spell book, a Unicorn, a bubbling cauldron and of course those card letters and number; nine and ten and Jack to Ace again.

Game Play

Playing this star spangled fairytale game is an easy as pie! It is very straightforward and every newbie gets the hang of it in a jiffy! Just click on the change bet button to increase or decrease your bet. You can change White Wizard Slots pay lines by clicking on the change lines button. There are a total of twenty five possible pay lines to activate in this slot. White Wizard slots features an auto play button which allows you to make a hundred consecutive bets at the same stake if you wish. Otherwise, simply hit the spin button to begin play.

Jackpots and Bonus

To win the White Wizard slots jackpot, you’ll need to pull off five wizard symbols. The wizard symbols are also wild cards and anything you win by using them is multiplied. The White Wizard jackpot like most slot jackpots can only be won if you are playing with the maximum bet and all pay lines activated. You can play the game for free to get a feel of the game first if you choose, and if you’re new to the gaming world then this slot might just be the one for you.