X Factor Video Slots

The X Factor Video Slots

X Factor Video SlotsEver since the reality talent show of the X Factor has become a buzz the world over, the X factor video slots has gained immense popularity as well. This video slot has five reels for spinning with several add on features to build the excitement and always keep you coming back for more. If you love the show, you definitely cannot afford to miss this fabulous game. There are a number of bonus rounds too. However, the big bonus round can be a bit difficult to unfold. Nonetheless, it is worth the wait. You just need to have a bit of patience.


The Game Play

The game board grid of the X Factor video slot is as star-studded as can be. It’s got singing male and female singers on a close-up shot, a judges bonus, the X Factor symbol, boot camp, tag, microphones, loud speakers, singer’s silhouettes and also a music disc. You have everything that would ever relate to music and the X Factor TV series. The X Factor Bonus game allows you to win a jackpot of a very high amount that is of five thousand coins!

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol on the X-Factor slot machine is the Judges Bonus symbol. Should you succeed in unraveling three, four or five of these lovely symbols, you shall be rewarded with a scatter prize of twenty, fifty or two hundred times your wager money. You shall also be able to activate the Judges Bonus game. In the Judges Bonus game, the first judge shall reveal their verdict on your performance. If they give you a “Yes,” you shall be able to collect all your winnings or risk them for a double or nothing at all. Should the second judge give you a “Yes,” you shall proceed for any answer to further two more judges. If at any time you must receive a negative answer, ending your bonus game is reserved according to the rules of the game.