Zuma Slots

Zuma Slots Game Method

Zuma SlotsThe Zuma Slots Video Game is a brilliant slot game that comprises of twenty winning pay lines and five spinning reels. You can bet from as little as one penny to as much as twenty five pounds on each winning line. Increasing and decreasing your stakes is as easy as pie. Simply use the slider. You will also use the slides for choosing the number of lines you wish to play on. Click Spin get your game started.


Bonus and Jackpots

There is an Auto play function which will start each spin automatically until player intervention is inevitable. Click Auto Play and decide on the number of spins. If you wish to cancel this during your auto spins then use the stop tab to do so. The value bet on the winning lines is conveniently used to multiple lines wins giving you a bigger reward. Your winning prize money on different pay lines is totaled up.

Be looking for Scatter symbols which can be won in numbers during each game. Your winning money in scatter wins is paid in addition to your other wins. The Zuma Wild substitutes all symbols including the scatter symbols and will have all your winning multiplied! There is also a Zuma Free Spin Scatter Bonus round. Three, four or five scatter symbols anywhere initiate a Free Spins Bonus. Winning with free spins, multiplies all your winnings.

With several bonus rounds, jackpots, free spins, you can’t help but win with these lovely Zuma slots. Everyone’s a winner with Zuma!