Autism and Bingo Games

Peter and Bingo

Peter has autistic spectrum disorder. There are three conditions usually associated with autistic spectrum disorder: autism, Asperger syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder. The three conditions translate into communicative issues, social deficits, repetitive behaviors and interests, and sometimes, cognitive delays. Peter didn’t start communicating in whole sentences until he was almost 5 years old. Even then, his sentences were brief – he had memorized them from television scripts.

Autism and Bingo

Peter’s autism was chronicled by a family member. She wrote about him and autism regularly in opinion pieces. He started to take an interest in the column, she noticed, so she asked him what she should write about. Peter suggested she write about Bingo. He had won again, and she congratulated him. Bingo is Peter’s favorite game to play in the summer. It means the world to him. She asked Peter how she should write the column in order to help children like him. Before she saw how much he liked it, she was skeptical.

Only grandmas would read about Bingo, she thought. But, she could see how important it was to him. They had a conversation sprinkled with information on Bingo. Peter wanted to call his grandma and talk about Bingo. He switched the column’s topic to things that frighten him. Peter is scared of noises. He cowers from storms and fireworks because they make his ears hurt. The pain frightens him.

Great Bingo Prizes

The Bingo win, complete with two Hawaiian leis, was a huge accomplishment in Peter’s eyes, but to his relative, it was more. Peter was consistent in thinking about the column, and how others would benefit from his experience with Bingo, and those fears of the storms and fireworks. Peter was proud enough of himself because he won that day, and he wanted to publicly share it.

The columnist remembered a time when Peter wasn’t able to communicate. She remembered abrupt conversations with him that were two sentences at the most. The conversation about Bingo and fears was a milestone, and she wishes she would have counted the exchanges she had with Peter. There wasn’t time for that because, in addition to winning Bingo, Peter had learned a new dance. His teacher suggested he show the columnist the dance. He swayed his hips and grinned.

The columnist wrote, “Bingo!”

The Italian Bingo Craze

Bingo is a popular game that is played by many people all over the world – in bingo halls and online. The origins of bingo may date back to early 16th century Italy. The Italian National Lottery featured a game called Gioco del Lotto d’Italia. Now, bingo has grown to one of the most popular games in the world. It is not just for little old ladies anymore, people of all ages and genders enjoy the game.

Bingo Revolution

The popularity of bingo grew dramatically when online bingo sites were created. These online bingo sites offer free and real money play, interaction and are full of entertainment. Players have the opportunity to win big cash prizes while playing bingo from the comfort of their own home. Players can find a variety of entertaining and themed bingo sites that offer great bonuses and promotions. There are also many types of online bingo games available for play including the popular 75 and 90 ball bingo. Players only need to sign up at an online bingo site and then sit back and enjoy the game anywhere with an internet connection.

Italian-Themed Bingo

The St. Rocco Italian Fest will feature great Italian food and plenty of bingo for everyone to enjoy. The St. Rocco Italian Fest takes place in Ishpeming at the Al Quaal Recreation Area. Volunteers have helped set up tables and tents for the last 15 years but the festival has taken place for over 100 years. Every year, the festival offers great Italian food, free pony rides for children and bingo. Participants say that the Italian Fest is always fun and filled with plenty of bingo along with mostaccioli, meatballs and spaghetti. The Potawatomi Bingo Casino is finally re-opening its Italian restaurant that has been closed since 2009. The Wild Earth Cucina Italiana is expected to open at the beginning of September.

There has been a change in menu and design of the restaurant. Originally, the restaurant featured Wisconsin-style food and décor but it has now been renovated and redecorated to a cozy Italian restaurant. Customers will find an open kitchen, stone pillar, a bar and a private dining room that holds 12 people. The restaurant will have a completely new and unique feel that is much different from the original Wild Earth. Customers are invited to preview dishes from the menu and enjoy a few games of bingo at the casino.

The menu has been inspired by regional Italian style cooking as well as Italian-American cooking. Some of the featured dishes include spaghetti with chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, mushrooms and asparagus sauce, pancetta, flatbread with shrimp and fresh mozzarella with arugula. The bar will feature 40 Italian beers, cocktails and wines. Customers are invited to play some bingo and visit the new restaurant which is open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.

Shark Week Bingo

It is that time of year again, when monstrous sharks emerge from the abyss and swim right into your TV screen. Shark Week will be airing all week on the Discovery Channel with amazing stories and footage of these nightmarish creatures. You can now enjoy Shark Week in a more interactive setting by playing Shark Week Bingo. This game will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to fill your card for the big win.

How to Play Shark Week Bingo

Playing Shark Week Bingo is a great way to really get into the spirit of Shark Week. All you need to do is get some buttons or pennies to cover your bingo squares. Then, you can either find a Shark Week bingo card on the internet or make one yourself. The bingo card will be filled with funny phrases or pictures that are commonly found during Shark Week programs.

Some examples of these phrases and pictures include ‘nervous Aussie’, ‘scary music’, ‘very dumb diver’ and ‘filmed through cage’. Once you have your bingo cards ready, all you need to do is turn on Shark Week and begin the game. When you hear or see the phrases, footage or action that is depicted on one of your bingo squares, you can cover that square. You can make your own rules up on how the winner is declared, but in most bingo games the winner must have a diagonal, vertical or horizontal line filled on their card. You can also play a new card for every show or play with the same card all week – the possibilities are endless. So kick back, relax and play some Shark Week Bingo.

Shark Week Bingo Trivia

Here are some interesting shark facts:

  • Whale sharks are the largest species of sharks but they are truly gentle giants. Whale sharks do not hunt for their food; they only eat plankton they filter out of the water.
  • Sharks actually help to preserve coral reefs. Sharks like to patrol and eat the fish near coral reefs which may help promote diversity in fish species and prevent the growth of algae.
  • There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that sharks prefer to hunt humans. In fact, out of the 80 million people who enjoy water activities each year, only a few are victims of a shark attack.
  • The smallest known shark is the dwarf lantern shark that measures about 7 inches long.
  • Sharks have poor eye-sight but they use electroreception to hunt prey with complete precision. Electroreception allows sharks to sense the prey’s electrical current.
  • If you have an uneven tan or a brightly colored bathing suit, you should avoid swimming in open waters because sharks could mistake you for a fish.
  • The waters off of Cape Town, South Africa are considered to be the great white capital of the world. Visitors have a 99% chance of seeing a great white shark in those waters.
  • One of the strangest items that a shark has swallowed is a suit of armor.
  • In 2012, scientists discovered a neurotoxin in shark fins that is linked to Alzheimer’s.

News from Mecca Bingo

 Local Mecca Bingo night is serious business to hundreds of ladies who come to play and play to win! For the uninitiated or faint of heart – be warned that walking into the hall for the first time might feel bizarre. This is not the laid-back, ‘Granny’s night out’ with pink daubers and Peter Kay callers that you might have expected! The place is bustling, the ladies came to win, and newcomers are welcome but they better know the etiquette!

 Mecca Bingo Beginner

 As you enter you find quite a busy scene with huge screens hanging around the hall, tables that have Bingo built right in for the ultra-serious players that want to continue playing Bingo during breaks. Hundreds of ladies organizing their Bingo cards and preparing to concentrate hard on the serious business that is about to take place. Everyone is focused and hoping to win with one of their Bingo cards.

Ease into your seat quietly and follow suit – you should follow suit and examine the differences in the seven Bingo cards before you. The order these cards are played is important because you sure don’t want to be the fool that calls out “house” for the wrong card! The hall full of serious Bingo competitors will not look fondly upon you wasting any precious time. When it comes to Bingo at Mecca, the participants are here to WIN! They certainly do not wish for their time to be wasted by novice guests that don’t know the ropes!

 Bingo Hall Etiquette Equals Stress and Tension

 Take deep breaths before the fun begins as it will get intense very quickly. Be ready for the speed with which the Bingo caller will shout out numbers and you certainly don’t want to be stressed out trying to keep the pace! Have your pen ready – maybe bring a spare and by all means avoid disturbing players around you. The games at Mecca are connected to other Bingo Halls so players everywhere can participate in the anticipation and excitement as they compete for the big money. National Bingo s quite a big deal and the tension will mount as you get your card filled and you are ‘oh so close’ to a win…..when Lisa from Maidenhead makes off with jackpot!

Oh, how the stress level will peak when you are close to a win! When someone wins the Bingo Hall will erupt with chatter as the tension breaks. After the game is over, the movement begins and the hall starts bustling. People head for the pop and snacks, or outside for a fag, and you will hear people chatting about how the whole thing is fixed anyway. What a great time it is to grab a bottle of wine to relax you after all the tension you just experienced. It was unexpectedly traumatic, all that stress, but you will be back. He atmosphere is intense but welcoming, and what a great way to meet new people!

Alabama Bingo Operators May See More Bingo Raids

The Alabama Attorney General, Luther Strange, told bingo operators that he would again be sending his investigators if they were not operating in accordance to Alabama state law. Under the law, bingo halls can only operate traditional charity regulations. Strange says he wants to give the operators a chance to remove bingo machines, go to court and receive a ruling to determine if they are traditional bingo machines. If operators choose not to do this, Strange said they will be subject to action by law enforcement.

Previous Bingo Raids

The debate about bingo has been going on in Alabama for quite some time. Gaming operators wish to add electronic slot and bingo machines to their halls to bring in more customers. However, Alabama state law only allows operators to use traditional bingo machines. In addition, the law states that these operators must conform to the guidelines of a charitable bingo operation and Strange believes these machines do not fall within those guidelines. Strange has recently authorized many raids to confiscate these illegal electronic machines.

Recent Bingo Raid Activity

Two weeks ago, investigators confiscated nearly 700 computers and other equipment that is used to operate bingo at the Center Stage Bingo Casino, formerly Country Crossing Bingo Casino, located in Houston County. Law enforcement also seized almost $284,000 from the casino. Sonny Reagan, Deputy Attorney General said that the casino is not challenging the seizure of the money. Strange says that the only legal form of gambling in Alabama is charity bingo and the electronic slot-based machines are not considered to be part of it. Strange also said that he wants every bingo operator in the state to be aware that more raids will be coming.

Pending Court Cases

Currently, there are two cases that are pending in the Greene County Circuit Court. One is based on the seizure of electronic bingo machines at Greenetrack and the other has to do with a state lien against Greenetrack of over $75 million for suspected non-payment of use and sales taxes on bingo revenue. A pretrial hearing on the lien case is scheduled for August 21st, 2012 in the Greene County Circuit Court and a bench trial for the bingo machine seizure has been set for January 13th, 2013. Strange said that his office did the best it could to cooperate with bingo operators to resolve the issues in court but the operators are not anxious to go to court and make a case to see if the machines are illegal.

Tightening Enforcement of Charitable Bingo Laws

In 2012, Greenetrack closed temporarily after investigators confiscated around 825 machines. The bingo operations at Greenetrack started again in 2011 but investigators went back and seized 376 more machines during the summer. Greenetrack then filed to get their machines back. Strange stated that these bingo raids will end when the bingo operators decide to go to court to get a ruling on the legality of the machines. He also said that he wants a final court ruling so his task force can move on to other operations. In addition, Strange advised the Alabama Legislature to increase the penalty from a misdemeanor to a felony for running illegal bingo operations.

The Attorney General’s office is also continuing its investigation into Indian bingo casinos. These casinos have been accused of running the same bingo operations that have been deemed illegal at non-Indian venues. Strange said that only the Department of the Interior can act because they have jurisdiction over Indian gambling operations. Finally, Strange told reporters that as long as his office could resolve the issue of illegal bingo operations in Alabama then the federal government would not get involved.

The Debate about Real Money Facebook Bingo

The debate about real money Facebook bingo has begun!

Bingo and Facebook have been featured in the news recently beginning with the announcement that Facebook will now work with Gamesy, a London gaming developer, to create a Facebook based bingo site called Bingo Friendzy. Because Bingo Friendzy is a real money bingo site, there has been some public concern about children accessing the site. Some people even believe that this site will actually target and advertise to children. The question is are people overreacting or is real money Facebook bingo a genuine concern that needs to be addressed.

Facebook and Bingo

Facebook is used by millions of people worldwide, many of which are children who are under the legal gambling age so it is natural that people would be concerned about children having access to real money games. However, there are already many real money bingo sites that use Twitter and Facebook to promote themselves so is Bingo Friendzy doing anything worse or different? Zynga’s Slingo Bingo has been on Facebook and has been available for play for quite some time. Although this game is not available in real money play, it may introduce children to ‘soft gambling’ or gambling with no real funds at stake.

Facebook Bingo Fan Pages

There is also the issue of fan pages on Facebook. There are no age controls that stop users who are under the legal gambling age to ‘like’ a page and click the link that takes them to a real money bingo site. However, the Bingo Friendzy site uses advanced age control software, like geo-location and age-gating technology to ensure that no one under the legal gambling age or in a country where online gambling is illegal can view or access the site. Twitter and Facebook fan pages do not have such restrictions.

People then must ask themselves if bingo and other gambling sites use the proper controls, should they still be banned. Also, if real money bingo is advertised on television, does this mean this practice should be stopped as well? Many people think Facebook bingo games are simply another way for them to enjoy playing their favorite game. On the other hand, there are people who believe that these security measures are not enough if they are backed by a social media site. The debate continues as to whether or not these social media real money bingo games pose a threat to children under the legal gambling age.

Bingo Gaming Falls Short of Expectations in Italy

Despite the struggling Italian economy, people are still hoping to hit that big jackpot that may lurk on every street corner. In a neighborhood located near the ancient Roman walls, players can enjoy bingo and slot machines at a gambling parlor that was once a movie theater. This parlor is complete with a bar, tobacco shop, video betting games, horse race betting, bingo, lottery tickets and scratch cards. Italy is Europe’s largest gambling market and one of the largest in the world which weakens consumer spending during a time of economic crisis.

Italian Bingo Problems

Bingo, as well as other forms of gambling, as started to create many problems for the Italian government and operators alike. A Christian charity located in Rome called Sant’Edigio, has seen an increase in problem gamblers since Italy began loosening its gambling regulations as gambling addicts pour into the parlors each day. Initially, the de-regulation was welcome as many thought this would reduce the power of organized crime syndicates and increase state revenue. However, revenues have only slightly risen since 2001 while the turnover has quadrupled. The mob is also adapting to the de-regulation as it is moving its operations to legal gambling ventures. Many Italian lawmakers are now starting to believe that the deregulation has gotten out of control and some regulation should be reinstated.

The Start of Bingo Deregulation

The deregulation of bingo and other types of gambling started in 2991 when Italy was in desperate need of additional revenue during the economic crisis similar to the one that Italy is facing today. Last year, the Italian government received approximately 8.5 million euros in tax revenues but this number has only increased by 3 billion euros from 2001 to 2011 while consumer gambling spending has increased by 60 billion euros. There is a 21% sales tax on most consumer goods, excluding food, but gambling operators are subject to much lower taxes as an incentive. The tax on gambling revenue was less than 11% in 2011. Experts believe that the Italian economy will shrink by 2% this year but revenue from gambling is expected to increase by more than 12% to over 90 billion euros. This figure makes up approximately 5% of Italy’s annual GDP. It is estimate that the gaming industry in Italy has generated about ¼ of the world’s entire $368 million in gaming revenue in 2010.

The Effects of Bingo Deregulation

Unlike companies that product consumer goods, bingo and other gaming operations do not create wealth but simply redistribute it. The car company Fiat generated less than half of the income that the gaming industry did in 2011 but the production of cars supports many other industries that help create more than 10 times the amount of Italian jobs that the gaming industry does. In a time of economic recession, additional consumer spending is needed to compensate for it but when consumers spend more money on gambling, they are less likely to buy consumer goods. Before the deregulation of Italian gambling began, there were only lotteries and soccer game betting. Other gambling activities were only allowed in the 4 legal casinos in Venice, Campion d’Italia, Saint Vincent and San Remo. The state concessions buyers were given a low tax rate that allowed them to set high percentage payouts to peak interest in new games. This means that a player would get small payouts that gave the illusion that the odds could be beat.

This has resulted in more than 700,000 gambling addicts in Italy and the 400,000 Italian video slot machines make up more than half of all the betting that takes place in Italy. This has caused much concern to many people because it has been made so easy for gamblers to play anywhere. For gambling addicts, this means greater access to their addiction which leads many of them to incur large debts, become estranged from family and even lose their homes. People who have been affected by gambling addiction believe that Italian gambling halls need to be shut down completely and all video and slot machines need to be destroyed. The Italian gambling environment has made it even more difficult for addicts because there are very few places that do not offer gambling. It seems that the deregulation of gambling in Italy has caused even more economic and social problems than it has fixed.

Judges get involved with Bingo Cases that Draw Legal Attention

Bingo typically conjures images of a grand old time at the local Bingo Parlor, or maybe charitable proceeds that are raised for benevolent causes. At the very least, the first thought that comes to mind is that of a wholesome recreational pleasure. Occasionally, however, Bingo can get ugly. The simple game played for pleasure is involved every now-and-then in legal battles, and even criminal proceedings. As in the case of the tug-of-war between the courts in Montgomery, Alabama where a judge ordered the destruction of more than 100 electronic Bingo machines. Or, another example is the case of Jesse James Hall and his wife Juanita who stole money from charitable proceeds for their own profit.

Middlesboro Couple Pleads Guilty to Charitable Bingo Theft

Jesse Hall resigned from his position as the Bell County Constable before he was sentenced to five years of probation for his involvement in the theft of charitable Bingo proceeds. Hall and his wife Juanita operated the Bell County Bingo Parlor in Middlesboro. The pair pled guilty to 23 counts against them and they are now barred for life from operating any charitable Bingo organizations or venues. The Halls handed over their home to the Bell County Fair and Exhibition Board as partial compensation toward the $77, 741 in restitution that the couple has also been ordered to pay. For Middlesboro residents this is a classic case of greed and gives the game of Bingo a whole new connotation.

More than 100 Bingo Machines to be Destroyed

And yet another Bingo battle – this time in Montgomery, Alabama has judges, politicians, and owners of electronic Bingo machines a bit ‘up in arms’. Raids and threats of raids on any establishment that operates electronic Bingo machines have been conducted and proposed. More than 100 electronic Bingo machines were seized in 2009 from the White Hall gaming center. The Anti-gambling Task Force generated the raid and now Judge Robert Vance ordered that the machines be destroyed. The dispute over electronic Bingo machines extends across the state, according to Attorney General Luther Strange establishments will receive notice in the form of a letter that will outline the state’s stand on electronic Bingo.

Strange insists that the machines either be removed or be seized by force, in necessary. Business owners are encouraged to utilize the legal system to acquire court opinion regarding the legality of the equipment as much debate ensues as to whether or not the electronic machines should be considered ‘illegal’ or not. After the Anti-gambling Task Force conducted the initial raid and seizure, Governor Robert Bentley took office and disbanded the task force. What lies ahead are plans by the Attorney General’s Office to send out the investigators to determine where and in which establishments a raid may be necessary. Bingo should be easy, but in this situation it has a lot of people in Alabama scrambling for lucky results.

Celebrity Twist with 3am Bingo on Facebook

3am Bingo is a hot new entity on Facebook. There are several key facets to playing and winning. The goal is the player’s excitement.

The Entertainment Industry Merges with Bingo

Someone created a really exciting addition to the bingo world, and named it 3am Bingo. Facebook saw the hot fun of it and gave the free bingo program to its users. Play 75 and 90 Bingo with your friends on Facebook and find an exciting celebrity aspect that pushes the excitement level to the next notch. The one-of-a-kind 3am Bingo includes celebrity bingo rooms and a potential rise from the Z-list to the A-list, step by step. Added to the fun is the goal of fame, along with fortune, hot dates and celebrities coming to life through your purchase of avatars. When your numbers come up, so do celebrities. This is truly a social setting where friends are met and gifts are shared. Those gifts include new jewelry, shoes, drinks and gadgets. You will add to your celebrity status each time you send and receive a gift.

Introducing the Rules of the Game

Mirror City is the 3am Bingo town. That’s the residence of the stars, containing glamorous nightclubs and parties. You start out in quiet CountyTown and eventually go on to Mirror City to find fortune and fame. Playing 3am Bingo places you in bingo rooms where the celebs are. You will collect fame points by winning, and gradually you will rise in status, meeting celebrities who are increasingly famous. Success involves giving. To increase your point total, you give gifts to other players. Coins are the cost of gifts, and generosity points are earned. Popularity points are given for gifts received. Generosity, fame and popularity combine to produce a rise in celebrity status.

The First Real Money Bingo Game on Facebook

Facebook has seen some financial struggles in the past 3 quarters but a new bingo game that has been released might be an attempt to change their financial outlook. This is the first time in history that Facebook has allowed a real money game to be played on its platform. Although Facebook did not create this real money bingo game, there is no doubt that the company will see some financial gain but the exact terms of the agreement are confidential. A spokesperson for Facebook said that because of the popularity and thorough regulation of real money gaming in the UK, Facebook decided to allow this app for those users.

Real Money Bingo Regulations on Facebook

Offering real money games is a controversial move and it completely restricted in some countries like the United States. In order to adhere to all regulations, Facebook is taking extra steps to ensure that no person younger than 18 and outside of the UK is permitted to use play this real money game. Before users are allowed to play the game, they must confirm their identity in their accounts to prove they are in the UK and at least 18 years old. In addition, Facebook is using age-gating technology to ensure that no one under the age of 18 will be able to see real money gaming advertisements. Because of this technology, it is much more likely for young people to see a real money game ad on TV or in a shop window than on Facebook. This advertisement restriction also applies to users who are located outside of the UK.

Bingo in the UK

There is a good reason that the UK market was chosen for this real money bingo game. First, it is a great test market for the game because it is European and an English speaking country. Second, and more importantly, the UK has a strong gaming culture as there are shops all over the UK that allow anyone who is at least 18 to bet on football games, horse races and even place novelty bets like whether it would rain on the day of the Royal Wedding. Bingo, in particular, is a popular activity for many people in the UK and is a social experience so it simply makes sense to make real money bingo part of a social network site.

The Future of Real Money Social Games

The announcement of the real money game release came around the same time as the announcement by Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus saying that his company is going to introduce social gambling next year. Facebook and Zynga are close partners in the social gaming market so this may mean that Zynga will be offering real money games as well. Zynga would also have to regulate their games and offer them in countries outside of the United States just as Facebook has done with its real money bingo game. These announcements also may indicate that companies are exploring new ventures which will help boost their revenues. Facebook reported that it’s most recent quarterly revenues were $192 million – which is not much higher than the previous 2 quarters as the reported revenues were $186 million and $188 million.