The Jamaican Lotto Scam Unveiled

For seven long years, crime and luxury defined the lifestyle of several lawless and growing groups of Jamaican thieves. Nearly 150 suspected criminals have been arrested in regard to the scam. The armed gangs began to threaten one another as part of their criminal business competition. One gang, the infamous Stonecrusher, got into the act not by way of the lottery scams, but through extortion. The Stonecrusher threatened the moneyed scammers with pay-up-or-die ultimatums. As a result of the vicious gang activity, several of the individuals who were involved in scamming rings, were fatally shot or beheaded.

No Bingo in the Scam?

It is alleged that a Jamaican by the name of Kenrick ‘Bebe’ Stephenson came to the public’s attention in 2005 through an article in the local Jamaican newspaper, The Gleaner, as being one of the masterminds of a lucrative scam. Stephenson had become instantly wealthy with no apparent employment. He is currently in jail awaiting extradition. Owen Ellington, the Jamaican Police Commissioner recently said they are hard at work to finalize the extradition of Stephenson and the others who are allegedly involved in the criminal conning activity.

The scam that came to light involved bilking Americans out of hundreds of millions of dollars through emails. The scheme included a fraudulent processing charge for the supposed future receipt of non-existent lottery winnings. A few months after the police and public became aware of the scam, copycat scammers in neighboring areas began separate conning operations using the same scheme.

Soon between a hundred and two hundred otherwise unemployed young crooks were cropping up in the expensive social scene, with luxury SUVs and high-priced jewelry. These are the operations that verbalized and carried out armed threats against each other, the biggest hammer being the Stonecrusher, described above. Sad as it is, those gangs that could not sufficiently arm themselves, are said to have hired corrupt policemen for protection. It is not reported that any of these alleged police criminals have been arrested.

Jamaican Laxity

 The country of Jamaica does not seem to have much of a legal system. Prior to late 2011, as fast as the scammers were arrested, that is as fast as they were released. One enforcement organization proved to be wholly ineffective due to the failure of the Jamaican criminal justice system. That enforcement organization has a hot-sounding name and is comprised of supposedly powerful agencies: Jamaican Operations Linked to Telemarketing (JOLT). It was formed in 2008, and consisted of US Immigration Custom Enforcement agents and the US Embassy situated in Jamaica, in addition to major Jamaican agencies.

The Current Powerhouse of Jamaican Law Enforcement

 The Lotto Task Force of the Jamaican police department is headed by Superintendent Leon Clunie. The Superintendent believes that the arrest of the almost 150 alleged scammers has dealt the blow of death to this scheme. It appears that his expectation involves a quick extradition of all of those being held. Over the past seven years, U.S. citizens have been conned out of hundreds of millions of dollars. It remains to be seen whether America will have the clout needed to extradite those currently in jail. Do the Keystone Cops come to mind?

Bingo Fundraiser for Gary ‘Music’ Miller

Neighbours indeed for family in need!

A disc jockey veteran of 30 years at a local station in Huntington, W. Virginia has experienced a catastrophe. Last month his house burned down as the result of a car crashing into the residence. He and his wife had no homeowners insurance, and no funds. Gary “Music” Miller had lost his job in 2009, and he and his wife have been experiencing health and financial problems ever since. The community has come to their rescue. 

Housing Provided by a Caring Community

Since the fire, the couple’s housing has been provided by the local Best Western Motel; the radio station, WKEE-FM, where Miller had worked for 30 years; and a kind-hearted listener. A childhood classmate has come forward to offer a small rental home to the Millers.  

Bingo Fundraiser at The Bank

A charity bingo and benefit fund have been set up for the Millers at a local bank. The fund holds $100 at present, and the Millers are hoping for a large turnout at the bingo event. Radio Station WKEE hosted another charity bingo event at Redmond Bingo on June 12, the date of the Millers’ 31st wedding anniversary. The station promoted the bingo night on the air. All proceeds have been placed in the benefit fund account. With housing provided, the fund will be used for refurbishing as much of the fire-damaged furniture as possible. It will also be needed for making necessary repairs on the rental home that the couple will be occupying, as well as for the purchase of any further furniture necessary.

It seems that with a little help from their friends, the Millers are on the road to OKAY.

Justice is Served for Broward Bingo Queen Olga Parlante

Bingo Queen Finally Gets Justice!

In 1997, Olga Parlante, 71 at her time of death, and known locally in Broward County as the “Bingo Queen” was brutally murdered in her own home. The scene of this unsolved mystery took place inside of her apartment in Dania Beach, Florida. Fifteen years passed before lead investigator for Broward Sheriff’s Office, Frank Ilarraza announced that palm prints taken from the original crime scene were recently identified and matched to one Bernie Hall, 44, from Miami, Florida. It was fifteen years in coming, but justice will finally be served for Bingo Queen Olga Parlante and her family.

  Bingo Queen and Grandmother

Olga Parlante, known locally as Bingo Queen, will finally have the justice that is deserved for her, and her family. Her brutal murder in 1997 has remained unsolved for all these years. Parlante was a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother at the time of her death. For fifteen years her rather large family (9 children, 23 grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren) have been diligent and committed to an annual vigil that they held the apartment in which she was so violently murdered. Fingerprints and palm prints lifted at the crime scene in 1997 were stored in evidence for fifteen years. There were fingerprints on a receipt found on the floor, a palm print on a bedroom wall, and a fingerprint left on a dresser drawer. At that time, the technology was not available for prints to be submitted to a national database that would allow law officials to find a match. Lead Detective Ilarraza recently announced that a match had finally been identified.

Bennie Hall, 44, Arrested for the 1997 Murder of Olga Parlante

BSO’s detectives recently requested that the crime lab re-examine the evidence in the 1997 cold case. In April, Lead Detective Ilarraza received confirmation that the crime scene prints matched Bennie Hall, 44, Miami. Hall is now charged with one count of first-degree murder and will face trial. Ironically Hall is currently serving a prison sentence in Martin County for unrelated charges. According to records, five days after the murder in 1997, Hall had been arrested in Miami-Dade for possession of Cocaine. BSO’s investigative team expects to make more arrests in this case as they believe that Hall did not act alone. More information will be forthcoming from BSO Detectives regarding their investigation and Parlante’s murder.

Accountant Siphoned £800,000 from Bingo Club Amusement Company

The wrong friends + open access to employer’s account = prison

 Little by little Paul Goring became a criminal. It took him almost four years to embezzle more than £800,000 from his employer. Through the dedicated efforts of its directors and staff, Coastal Amusements Ltd. is recovering from the loss.

The Crime Particulars

 The lone bookkeeper at Coastal Amusements Ltd. began siphoning off money from his employer in November 2007. He was fired in August 2011. No one at the company realized that a problem existed until August 2010, when late payment and penalty notices came to the attention of company personnel. Not one person at Coastal recognized the nature of the problem. However, when the situation continued unchecked for a full year, Goring was asked to resign. Paul Goring is a friendly guy. He enjoyed the complete trust of his co-workers. Not only did he have access to the company accounting system, his job also entailed payments to staff and suppliers. It was easy for him to pour company money into various accounts using fraudulent names and invoices.

At the end of the day, Goring, 47, a resident of St. Leonards, had embezzled £801,617.57. Of that sum, he took a paltry £17,000 for himself, giving away the entire remainder to four of his friends. The accountant who replaced the defendant in September 2011 noticed discrepancies in the company account. A full investigation was performed by police, and Goring was arrested on January 12, 2012. He pleaded guilty to five counts of fraud by abuse of position. Judge Tain handed him a prison sentence of three years, with the possibility of release after half of his sentence has been served.

The Defendant in the Bingo Club Scandal

 Naïve is one of the adjectives that can be used for Paul Goring. He chose the worst possible friends. He also appears to be filled with empathy for others. Too good is no good. The court acknowledged that many people had come forward on Goring’s behalf. The judge clearly concluded that Goring merited the good opinions of all of those individuals. There are no prior convictions on the defendant’s record. Goring had previously volunteered his time and talents for the Hastings Old Town Ghost Walk tours, and had acted in various plays at the Stables Theatre. He was a positive element in his community.

Four of the defendant’s friends: Simon and Dawn Winchester, Mark Checksfield and Lee Barlow, received huge sums of money from Goring. On one occasion, Mark Checksfield, attempted to blackmail the defendant with the threat of “grassing everyone up” if Goring did not give him £6,000 for a vacation immediately. The judge noted that the blackmail would undoubtedly have led to continued theft had the defendant not been stopped. The massive amount of the embezzlement created a financial hazard for Coastal Amusements Ltd. Had the directors and staff not dedicated all of their time and efforts to keeping the company afloat, the staff would have all lost their jobs.

The Bingo Club

Coastal is a local company, which owns The Deluxe leisure centre and the bingo club. Both of those entities are situated in the town of St. Leonards. Goring has repaid £9,000 of the £17,000 that he had transferred to himself. The remaining £792,000 is the subject of on-going civil proceedings. Unfortunately for Paul Goring, regardless of the reasoning behind the theft, he has become a crook.

Bingo Café Offers Bingo – Anytime and Anywhere

Bingo Café – Fun on the Run!

  Bingo Café offers new Bingo players and experienced players a wonderful spot to take part in an exciting game of Bingo, learn about internet Bingo strategies and terms. Online Bingo is a wonderful option for Bingo enthusiasts who enjoy convenience and spontaneity can take part in the delightful game anytime, anywhere. Players can enjoy Bingo in the comfort of their own living room, at the coffee shop, the library, or virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

  A Great Way for Bingo Newbies to Try Their Luck

 The main only real difference between Bingo on land and Bingo online is the convenience that internet Bingo offers. Bingo halls operate on definite schedules and Bingo Café is open for entertainment whenever you fancy. Essentially the only tools required are a computer and an internet connection. Imagine playing Bingo and winning money ‘on the go’… what could be better? The sheer accessibility is why so many people have joined the gaiety and taken part in online Bingo. Many online sites offer Bingo but it can be difficult to know how or where to get started. For aficionados the games and bonuses presented may not be stimulating enough. The solution to a great spot for newbies and Bingo buffs alike is available now. For the newbies who may be unsure as to how or where to get started, Bingo Café is here!

Bingo Café Has Much to Offer

 Introducing one of the UK’s hottest Internet Bingo sites in cyberspace, Bingo Café! This amazing hot spot offers fantastic Bingo bonuses, free game offers, and extraordinary articles. The website pages offer so much for new Bingo players in the way of articles that discuss great strategies, Bingo terminology, or ‘Bingo Lingo’ and other information that will assist new players. In addition the 3-D graphics and full multimedia experience will astonish even the seasoned players. The fun and excitement is not limited to Bingo either! There are Instant games available like Mad Scientist and Looney Fruits, casino games such as Dino Keno and Roulette, slot games in the likes of Mocha Millions and The Lost City of Atlantis. Bingo Café provides numerous ways to win money on the run.

Chat and Enjoy Bingo Games Online

 Just like a Bingo Hall, or a real café, Bingo Café is a great place to meet fellow enthusiasts, socialize, and enjoy the virtual interaction. Chat options offer real-time conversations that will make you feel as though you are enjoying the hustle and bustle of a land-based event. So, grab some coffee, tea, and refreshments and take a seat to enjoy the company of family, friends, and fellow Bingo buffs and if you’re lucky – win a jackpot!

Bingo Tips to Help Support Homeless Children

A drag queen host presented a check to a shelter for homeless youth, the most money raised in one month for charity. The drag queen and her entourage visit the diner each month to perform. Their tips are used for the diner’s selected nonprofit organization of the month

Bingo Fundraiser

This month, it was a shelter for youth, who are gay, bisexual or transgender. A total of $2,106 was raised for the shelter, way above the month before in which $1,400 was donated. The organization, in turn, was elated. One of the board members, who is also the treasurer, said the funds would go toward rent, utilities and monthly expenses, which are approximately $4,500 per month.

The Bingo Shelter

The face behind the drag queen leader is a man, who said supporting homeless youth should never be questioned, despite the nature of the shelter’s service. Gay or straight, homeless children should be valued. The shelter helps youth search for jobs and gain temporary housing. It also provides counseling and other services for youth, ages 18-25. While some clients may not be homeless as of yet, they are facing the plight. Bingo, a drag performance and pizza are on the diner’s agenda Wednesday evenings.

Drive-In Bingo: A Family Affair

Family bingo at the drive-in may be driven out!

In 1954, a fellow by the name of Weldon Johnson thought up the idea of drive-in bingo: Quite unique. Mr. Johnson was at that time the president of the Carp Fair. Summers in the town of Carp, Ontario, Canada have never been the same since.

Drive-up Charity Bingo is for Families

Summertime Wednesdays at drive-in charity bingo at the Carp Fairgrounds have been a family tradition for 58 years. It’s the community’s place to go during the summer, and the family’s evening out.

The Province of Ontario Stands its Ground

Someone wasn’t happy about the drive-in and anonymously complained to the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario (AGCO). The complaint involved children playing bingo, and was made after a story appeared in the local newspaper, the Citizen. There’s an age restriction on gambling across the entire province. Gambling includes charitable bingo. The authorities clearly recognize how important the drive-in charitable bingo games are, in terms of both its social significance and charitable necessity. The profits are donated to the Carp Agricultural Society. Nevertheless, the Regulators are not budging. The AGCO has ruled that children are prohibited from touching the daubers and playing the cards. In sum, they are not allowed to play bingo.

Community Reaction

This is the main summer activity for the community of Carp. Parents point out that the children are not involved in the gambling aspect of bingo. The organizers control the cards, and children are not allowed to buy or redeem the cards. Not everyone plays bingo; some people are there to chat with friends and buy a piece of homemade pie. Food and drink are also available. Many children spend their time playing with other kids, adults talk with their friends, and teens chat on the phone or text each other. Drive-in bingo at the Carp Fairgrounds is simply an enjoyable family activity. The AGCO Regulators say they are not killjoys, but it sure does sound like they are unnecessarily and wrongfully shutting down a harmless and enjoyable community tradition.

Allegations of Stolen Bingo Money Results in Termination for Two Teachers

Are Two Teachers on the Take?

Pam and Johnny Trujillo taught at Northglenn Middle School for the past 16 and 14 years, respectively. The Adams 12 Five Star Schools have fired the pair for stealing Bingo Fundraiser Money that was intended for a trip to New York for students. An internal audit conducted by the school district revealed that $25,000 was missing and that some of that money was used by the Trujillos to put a down payment on a personal trip to Rome.

  The 411 on the Stolen Bingo Money

 The Bingo fundraisers for the Northglenn Middle School were hosted by Hollywood Bingo in Wheat Ridge. One of the owners, Jan Kissell expressed disappointment that the money would be taken from the kids and in turn from the Bingo Hall. According to Kissell, the Trujillos essentially walked out the back door of Hollywood Bingo with $14,000 and owners at the parlor maintain that there is outstanding rent money owed to them. An internal audit conducted by the school district determined that a sum of $25,000 was missing, further confirming that some of the money went to Trujillo family and friends, and some went to the down payment for that trip to Rome. There is no information available regarding the New York trip that the money was initially intended for, but the trip to Rome that the Trujillos planned will certainly not transpire with Bingo Funds.

Adams County School Board Perspective

 Adams 12 Five Star Schools elected to fire both Pam Trujillo and her husband Johnny Trujillo. According to district records, the official reason for Pam Trujillo’s termination was documented as insubordination and immorality. Despite hearing officer recommendations of an alternative, her husband Johnny Trujillo was fired, as well. Mark Clark, president of the Adams 12 School Board said that “we hold our kids accountable; we have them expelled for their behavior. I think the same rules apply for everybody”. When questioned about the situation, Pam Trujillo told CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger that she would not discuss the situation.

Other sources indicate that the Trujillos accept responsibility for their actions and the theft of the Bingo Funds. They are participating in a diversion program that if successfully completed, and if they refrain from any additional illegal acts, the theft charges will not appear on their records. Attorneys for the Trujillos were also unwilling to comment but it is possible that restitution may be made to the school district in order to recover some of the money for the students.

Bingo Birthday Party Comes Together for Second Year

 She is Aunt “B” to family, and knows a thing or two about the game of Bingo. For two years, Bernice Gursch has celebrated her birthday at the Aliante Station Bingo Hall in North Las Vegas, which rung in its anniversary with Aunt B’s big day for the second year. This year, she turned 100-years-old.

Avid Bingo Player

Aunt B retired when she was 65 and lived on her own in an apartment building until eight years ago. She spent her days after retirement doing the following things: bowling, watching classic movies and playing Bingo. This is a game Aunt B wanted to win at, and win big. Using 2 lucky charms, an angel she rubbed right before the final Bingo number was called, and a leprechaun, Aunt B immersed herself in the game. She reportedly handled 32 cards at one time with her sister – both of them placing chips as the numbers were called. That was in Chicago – Aunt B’s hometown which she left in 2004.

She moved to North Las Vegas to live with her sister’s son, who is retired, and his wife. There she found a new home to play Bingo, the Aliante Station. The manager said Aunt B wanted to celebrate her 100th birthday at the station, where about half of the 300 players are close-knit. He said they are on a first-name basis with each other and share baked goodies, along with lunches and suppers. They party together on each other’s birthdays, too. Aunt B received a steak dinner for her birthday, compliments of the station, and her family was there to see it. Aunt B’s birthday was complete with a cake and balloons, and Bingo. Her niece wanted to know if Aunt B was fired up to win as the games began. The birthday girl said she wanted to win big!

Life in Chicago for Aunt B

What is known about Aunt B’s early life, is that she became an orphan after the onset of the Spanish flu in 1918. She grew up with just a few family members, and didn’t finish high school because she wanted to help the family out financially. Her working life began at an envelope company and ended at Illinois Bell Telephone. She left the company just six months shy of what would have been her 50th anniversary. Her positions were operator and district secretary. After retirement, Aunt B lived in her well-organized, second floor apartment until she fell down the stairs. Her nephew said she couldn’t go home and moved to Las Vegas. Aunt B traveled to Nevada by plane. It was her first ever flight at 92-years-old. The airline company furnished champagne and gave her a certificate. But she still cheers on the Chicago Cubs, her niece said.

She’s 100 Years Old and Still Kicking!

Her nephew marvels at her and wants to live as close as he can to her age. Aunt B says living to 100 takes moderation in everything. The vice president and general manager at the station sent Aunt B good wishes. For now, she’s ready to win at Bingo on her next birthday!

Bingo in the Air

Lots of Rollicking ‘Bingo’ Entertainment is Destined for the Clouds!

Bingo Airways is a new and innovative charter air company from Poland that has recently opened its first flights with its first airplane A320. This new aircraft will be flying from the Warsaw Chopin and Katowice airports in Poland to the Mediterranean area, specifically to Turkey, Egypt, Spain, Greece, and Tunisia.

The most unique aspect of this innovative airline is its name: Bingo Airways. The name originated from the idea of providing passengers with the best possible comfort. Traveling is, in practice, a very tedious experience. From check-in to take-off, it’s go-go-go, but the flight itself is pretty uneventful. Most flights in economy class are spent in cramped seats with little or no entertainment on board. However, this boring experience has already been

converted into something really enjoyable with Bingo Airways.

Bingo Airlines Takes the Game to New Heights

Besides the beverages and refreshments offered on the plane, travelers can also play Bingo while traveling through the clouds and the flights are sure to be extremely pleasant. Bingo has always been a fun-filled game that helps people relax in every kind of situation. Moreover, playing bingo on board could even be better for those travelers who are afraid of heights or planes. They wouldn’t even feel they are in the air. Pretty amazing stuff!

Taking Bingo Airways to the Next Level

If this was not enough, Bingo Airways’ aircrafts have lots of space too. They come with 180 comfortable seats, worthwhile entertainment, and good cheer. What else would travelers want? Perhaps a game of 75 or 90 ball bingo?

According to Marek Sidor, the Chief Executive Officer of Bingo airways, their priority is to provide customers with the greatest possible comfort while they are traveling. In addition, he also declared that the A320 airplane will allow them to achieve those goals.

Bingo Airways’ plan is to increase the size of their fleet by adding 3 more airplanes by the end of 2012. Nonetheless, the whole team is already very happy, and extremely proud of their achievements. The flights offered by Bingo Airways are not very long, nevertheless, and when playing bingo time really flies.