The Growing Popularity of Bingo

Bingo has become more popular because of online bingo sites. Online bingo offers 90, 80, and 75 ball bingo with traditional payday winnings and jackpots that can be shared. Bingo tickets can cost only 1 pence and the winnings are many times more. These findings were provided, courtesy of a recent UK gaming survey.

Online Bingo Revolution

The traditional game has been transformed by online bingo sites including mobile bingo sites. Players can enjoy 90 ball, 80 ball, and 75 ball games that have normal winnings and shared jackpots particularly when the house calls on the number. Online bingo players can buy bingo tickets for only a few pence and the winnings can be many times greater. There are UK bingo sites that offer tickets for just one pence. There are recent winners who played online bingo on UK site won £1,254 on a 90 ball bingo game. There are online bingo sites that have advanced software and applications that run progressive jackpot bingo games. In these games, the more they are played, the larger the jackpot gets. Players can also speak to each other through chat platforms.

Online Bingo Promotions and Bonuses

Many online bingo sites offer daily, weekly, monthly, and holiday promotions. New online bingo players often receive bonuses, like deposit bonuses or instant cash that is credited to their accounts. Online bingo players can use these bonuses and promotions to play for very little money but with a chance to win great prizes and cash. Along with promotions and bonuses, online bingo has become vastly popular because it can be enjoyed from home but with the option of still being social with other bingo players.

Annual Bamberg County Red Cross Bingo Fundraiser

The Bamberg County Red Cross is hosting a Bingo fundraiser on March 30: Engage With Your Local Community

 The Bamberg County Red Cross is inviting people to support the local community. On March 30, Bamberg County Red Cross will have their annual Bingo Fundraiser Night. The Bamberg Red Cross helps disaster victims. This local chapter of the Red Cross in Bamberg assists victims of tragedy with financial support including canned food, clothing, medication, temporary housing and other personal items. This is the only annual fundraiser by the local authorities to help those in need and patrons’ support will help them come closer to surpassing their goal of $5,000 in support of those in need.

How to Join In

For those who will be participating, the fun starts up with lining up outside the City Civic Center. Starting at 7 p.m. the doors will open and ticket sales will begin. This is a great opportunity for the local citizens to be a part of the solution and engage in support of the community. Members of the Junior Red Cross team will be selling refreshments including pizza, sandwiches, drinks and sweets. Each year the event brings in more than 250 community members and this is a fantastic chance to join in.

Participants can join in the festivities at just $0.50 per game. Bamberg has had a particularly rough year and has had a large number of house fires this year. The support of local citizens is needed now more than ever. Funds are required to assist with temporary housing and other essentials for individuals and families during their time of need. The charitable drive promises to be a fun-filled experience and it is going towards a good cause.

Need More Information?

 To find out more information you can call chapter director Harvey Kling at 803-245-5051. Donations will also be accepted by mail at Bamberg County Red Cross, P. O. Box 507, Bamberg SC, 29003.

Bingo Event to Raise Funds for the American Cancer Society

The Brown County, Texas Relay for Life team is organizing a bingo fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. There will be cash prizes for the bingo winners, door prizes, and snacks available for all who attend. The proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life initiative which seeks to improve cancer awareness and promote cancer research.

Relay for Life

Relay for Life organizers in Brown County, Texas are preparing for their annual fundraising event. The purpose of this fundraiser is to raise money for the American Cancer Society which promotes cancer research and educates people about cancer. This fundraiser will include bingo games, food, prizes, and other fun games. The Relay for Life organizers have high hopes for this year’s fundraiser. They hope to raise even more funds than last year and are asking everyone in the community to attend to support this worthy cause.

Bingo Fundraiser

The bingo fundraiser for the American Cancer Society will take place on March 29th, 2012. Bingo cards can be bought starting at 6:00 p.m. and the games will start at 7:00 p.m. The funds raised during the bingo games will go to Brown County’s Relay for Life team. The cost of the packs are $5 and cards for the extra game can be purchased for $1 each. There will be door prizes and full payouts for all the bingo games. Luminaries can also be purchased for a minimum donation of $5 each. These luminaries can be decorated in honor of someone fighting cancer or in memory of someone who lost their life to cancer. These luminaries will line the track for the relay and event goers are asked to bring canned foods to put into the luminaries. The Relay for Life team will also be holding a breakfast where children can meet the Easter Bunny, a bake sale, and a Zumba class.

Bingo Halls May Be Used as Temporary Classrooms

Due to an increase in immigration and birth rates, bingo halls are considered for use as classrooms in the UK. The increase in school children has caused schools to create ‘meal shifts’ because of insufficient lunchroom space. Labour claims over 2,000 schools will be needed by 2015 to accommodate all the children.

Classroom Bingo Halls

Teachers are now using any available space for classrooms in response to the dramatic increase in immigration and birth rates. The UK government states that over 400,000 additional primary school centers will be needed in the next 3 years to accommodate the increased number of 4 and 5-year olds. Labour says the UK will need over 2,000 additional schools by 2012 to handle the increase in school children. Teachers are currently using vacant public and commercial spaces for their classroom. Some councils are planning to rent warehouses and stores for classrooms. Other temporary classrooms proposals include arenas, churches and bingo halls. In some cases, children have to eat in ‘shifts’ because there is not enough room for them in the cafeterias.

Cost of Growth

There are some children who cannot go to school in their local communities because of overpopulation are being sent by taxis to other towns that cost over £700 per week. Many people are now urging the government to raise funds for building new schools. The government’s budget is limited at this point in terms of providing funds for education and many families are feeling the pressure. The Treasury has said that they will give an additional £1.2 billion for the creation of new schools. The catch is that these funds have to be used to build free schools – schools run by charities, parents’ groups, and churches that generally provide for secondary schools. Due to failed investments much of these funds have been used in an expensive program to refurbish secondary schools in the UK.

New Celebrity Big Brother before end of 2012!

OMG, have you heard the latest from Channel 5? They are planning ANOTHER series of Celebrity Big Brother before the end of 2012!

To say we are excited is an understatement, January’s series was TV gold. We’re not too sure how thye are going to top that … hopefully with some big name celebs.

Rumours are already circulating that ex-Arsenal star Freddie Ljungberg could be in the house – we wouldn’t mind a few weeks of his bod on telly (see above)!

Who would you most like to see in their?

‘Help for Heroes’ Bingo Event

A musical bingo event was hosted by students from a school in Derbyshire to raise money for ‘Help for Heroes’. The Brass Players were the entertainment for the dinner and bingo game. The bingo even raised more than £500 for ‘Help for Heroes’.

Musical Bingo Event

Two school students from Derbyshire organized a musical bingo event for ‘Help for Heroes’. The event was put on with a retro-musical theme. The entertainment was provided by The Brass Players, a famous and popular band from the United Kingdom. The school’s brass band also performed for families and charity supporters. The main event was a dinner that included a pie and peas, a raffle, and a bingo game with a chance to win prizes.

Proceeds of the Musical Bingo Event

The musical bingo event helped raise over £500 for ‘Help for Heroes’ along with an additional £200 that was raised by school band members when they were singing Christmas carols to the local community this past December. The two students who organized this event were extremely happy to see how many people were there to enjoy musical bingo and help raise money for a great cause. Parents, teachers, students, and members of the community were delighted by The Brass Players and the fun musical bingo game.

Bingo Event to Fundraise for the British Heart Foundation

Employees at TSB hosted a red-inspired bingo event to raise money for heart disease research. The employees have raise about £1,000 to be donated to the British Heart Foundation. The ‘Red for Heart’ program is geared toward raising money for research on circulatory and heart diseases.

Red Bingo for Heart Disease Research

The employees of TSB have helped raise about £1,000 for research on heart disease and have learned how to promote their own heart health. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United Kingdom. Employees as TSB branches around the country are now involved in the ‘Red for Heart’ program hosted by the British Heart Foundation. This event has helped raise millions of pounds for circulatory and heart disease research. The fundraising activities included red-inspired dinner events, wearing red to show support, and red bingo.

Promotion of Heart Health

The employees at the bank branches were inspired by this event to educate other employees and the local community of exercise and adopting a healthy diet. The employees were asked to support a healthy lifestyle by biking or walking to work and by participating in a yoga class every week. The bank will also give the same amount of money that was raised by the red bingo event to the Manx Charity that screens people for heart defects and to Craig’s Heartstrong Foundation.

Hippodrome Bingo Club Re-Opening

The HippoDrome Bingo Club will be opening again after its closure in November. The club closed because of extreme water damage which caused much damage to the building. On Saturday, March 31st, 2012 the club will have its opening night with great games and prizes.

Re-Opening of Hippodrome Bingo

The bingo hall in Bishop Auckland called Hippodrome has been closed since November because of severe water damage. The bingo hall will be hosting a re-opening event on March 31st, 2012. The bingo hall had to close because water damaged the electrical and structural components of the building. Major repairs had to be made to make the building functional again. The closing of the hall upset many local bingo players because the hall held many big events including Christmas-themed events that it was not able to hold in 2011. The building now has a new dining and bar areas, multiple bingo chairs and tables, and carpets. Several areas of the building have been repainted as well.

Games and Prizes for the Re-Opening Celebration

The building is officially open today, March 26th 2012. The first bingo night will be on Saturday, March 31st 2012. The club manager, Norma Guy, says she will be happy to welcome all the players back and many bingo players are excited for the re-opening. Saturday will be a special celebration in honor of the re-opening of the bingo hall and all customers will be given a bottle of champagne to celebrate. The cost of playing bingo all night will cost £16.50 and that includes the Early Session bingo games. The 2nd half prize cash will include four prizes of £300 houses and a £1,000 house along with many other games for monster cash prizes.

County Commission Extends Agreement with Electronic Bingo Developer

The Commission of Etowah County has extended an agreement with an electronic bingo developer to allow for the developer to tackle the legality of electronic bingo in Alabama. This extension gives the developer an additional year to process its legal case in the courts. The agreement states the county taxes on the developer’s company and their requirement of creating jobs.

The Agreement

On Tuesday the Commission in Etowah County Alabama voted unanimously to extend their agreement with an electronic bingo developer who wishes to open electronic and charitable bingo to Etowah County. The agreement was set to expire on Friday so the attorney for the developer asked the Commission to extend their agreement for another year based on due diligence. The attorney stated that the company did not want to start any electronic bingo forums until they knew it was legal. The additional year allows the developer and their attorney to take their case to court in order to determine the legality of electronic bingo in Alabama. The Commission said that they could not determine the legality outside of the courts and that they could only regulate the industry. The agreement states that the electronic bingo company has a capital investment of $200 million as well as determining the county’s taxes on the company and the requirement of creating jobs by the company. More specifically, the agreement says that for every $1 million that the company invests they must create ten jobs. The Commission says that all electronic bingo companies must follow this agreement.

Legal Obstacles

The electronic bingo company has faced legal battles at the state and local levels. The Commission says that the only bingo allowed to operate in the state of Alabama is charitable bingo. Charitable bingo is defined as a bingo company that gives its net proceeds to county charities unless run by Native Americans who are under federal jurisdiction. The company is developing bingo machines that will meet the requirements made by the Supreme Court of Alabama and the County Commission. The Sheriff of the county stated that he must inspect the bingo machines to determine if they meet the requirements set by the court. The machines are also being independently tested by a gaming laboratory. Some commissioners have said they believe the approval of the extension will benefit the interest of taxpayers. The extension allows legal matters of gambling to be settled and allows the electronic bingo company to fix any problems with the machines.