Rotary Club Bingo

The annual Big Buck Bingo Fundraiser is coming this April; it will be hosted by the Buffalo Rotary Club. The purpose of the fundraiser will be to provide awareness and help bring in funds to the Rotary Youth Exchange Program.

This local branch is under the umbrella of Rotary International. Rotary International is a collection of clubs which has branches all over the world. These clubs were founded with the intention of bringing together prominent members of the community to benefit the world around them. The club is open to all individuals and prides itself on its non discriminatory practices. Rotary Clubs are also not affiliated with any religious organization. They have more than 1.2 million members, and over 30,000 clubs.

The local club boasts the impact that they have had on students from the local high school, Buffalo High School. They are enabling one student to travel to Ecuador over the summer. They will also be participating in an exchange and will be hosting a student who is from Argentina. Rotary Club is attempting to create a true cultural exchange. A yearlong cultural exchange program will help immerse students in the culture of their host country.

About Rotary Club Bingo Fundraisers

The fundraiser will be taking place on Tuesday 17th April. Interested parties can easily participate in the Big Bucks Bingo, being held at the Catholic Recreation Hall which is located in St. John the Baptist Church. They will be opening the doors at 6 pm. The rest of the festivities will start up at 6:30.There will be only 200 total tickets available for this event. Prices at $20 a piece, players will get 2 Bingo boards with their ticket price. The good news is that tickets can also be bought from any of local Rotary members, and they will also be sold at the local bank. Refreshments to be served at this event include pie, soda, popcorn, and hot dogs.

Charity Bingo Hits Home with has partnered with a number of charity bingo organizations to help improve social interaction. brings events to local communities.

Thousands of people every day are “meeting up” all over the world. Over 2,000 local organizations have signed up to use to help them create events and be of service to their local communities. The mission of is to work with local communities to help revitalize local organizations. They follow the line of thought that any person can change the world and make a difference, and they are there to help them do it.

Trying Something New with

Since 2004, local nonprofit organizations in Michigan have had a new tool to help them raise money. That has been Texas Hold’em poker. Just after the new game was introduced, thousands of licenses were issued. The number of charities that used Texas Hold’em went from just 684 in 2004 to 1,417 in 2005. The introduction of Texas Hold’em in Minnesota has helped boost the money charities were earning from bingo which have declined by about 4% each year for the past 4 years. This is a clear example of the industry adapting to meet the current market. It is a great alternative to bingo, which has lost a lot of its splendor.

The Power of Social Media to Push Charitable Work

Using social media to link multiple bingo halls is key to revitalizing the industry. The money bingo brings in to many of the local non profits is important for their survival. In many cases it is an organization’s only source of income. With the linking of several bingo halls through the Internet, it helps increase jackpots no end. With the use of this new social media and linking of bingo halls, the outlook is positive. And it looks like is going to breathe new life into local communities – with bingo’s help.

New Electronic Bingo Game Makes Its Premiere in Spain

A new electronic multi-player bingo system featured in the Spanish FER exhibition as drawn much attention. This exciting game features roulette-style wheels that randomly select numbers. Spain is among several countries that are targeted for these new bingo games.

Bingoson by Juno Gaming

Bingoson, made by the Japanese company called Juno Gaming, is a brand new electronic bingo game that features roulette-style wheels that randomly select bingo numbers. This multi-player game made its premiere at the Spanish FER exhibition and caught the eye of many who were attending the exhibition. Juno Gaming created this bingo game for the growing bingo market in Mexico. The game has now been brought to Spain by Comatel. A representative of the Mexican gaming company, Amusgo, has said that this game is a great alternative for Spanish roulette players. This game allows nine players to participate, with each able to play 16 cards simultaneously. Each of the players can win on full cards or lines.

The Bingoson Market

Amusgo and Juno have now started a partnership to oversee the Bingoson project. This game is being developed in Taiwan and Japan after it showed success in Mexico. A technician at Juno and Royal Ascot, Mash Matsuno, said that Bingoson is also being marketed in several other countries including Poland and Argentina.

Charity Bingo Halls turn to the Government for Help

Many Charity bingo halls in Nova Scotia, Canada are finding that they are having a tough time competing with casinos. Now they are beginning to turn to the government to loosen regulation.

In Nova Scotia, the operators of charity bingo games are requesting the government step in and help. They say without assistance charity bingo might not be able to continue in the entire province. There are a number of different ways the Nova Scotia government is able to help as they regulate the charity bingo games’ taxes. Bingo operators have put forward a few things which they would like discussed within short order, because of the dire state of bingo.

The Canadian charity bingo scene has been in trouble for a while now. A stone’s throw away from Detroit, in the city of Windsor, there has been a steep decline in attendance in bingo halls. With limited choices available, charity bingo players have been going to casinos for their gaming pleasure. The local charity bingo halls have cited that they are unable to compete with the prizes and jackpots offered by the casinos.

One of the big issues that the local charity bingo associations want the government to address is the removal of fees on prizes. Another is that they would like to allow players with visual or physical impairments to be allowed to play bingo on hand held devices rather than on the hand held daubers.This ergonomic innovation would make it easy and comfortable for players to enjoy their games.

Government Strangling Bingo

The government charges a 2.13% fee on all prize money that the charity bingo halls award. There has been slow to little activity from the Alcohol and Gaming division of the province. They claim any changes to the law would require study before any amendments are made to the regulations. A proposed solution to the predicament that charity bingo finds itself in is to start using the Internet and provide online games. Online bingo gambling is considered legal in Canada.

The Legality of Bingo Gaming

One of the largest charitable bingo operations, Rock Bingo, has been hit hard by Garda raids. There have been many legal battles in terms of regulating and dividing funds earned by charitable bingo games. Now, there are new bingo and gaming proposals being drafted for approval by Ireland’s government.

Charitable Bingo Under Fire

Due to recent advancements in electronic bingo and gaming systems, many gaming laws have become moot or inadequate. This has caused much distress to bingo operators like Dave Barber, operator of Rock Bingo, as the government has executed several raids against the operator. Barber opened Rock Bingo in September of 2011 with the hope of hosting at least one hundred bingo nights. To date, there have only been seven bingo nights held at Rock Bingo due to numerous raids and increasing court costs that Barber has incurred. Barber has been in court many times and has had many of his bingo books seized during the Garda raids. He has argued in court for his right to operate a charitable bingo hall even before he opened Rock Bingo.

Bingo Licenses and Laws in Ireland

Licenses for charitable bingo are granted by the District Court and charities generally ask bingo halls to run games on their behalf. One of the legal issues with Rock Bingo is that it is a much larger operation than most charitable bingo halls and there are currently no set laws that deal with a charitable bingo hall of that size. The current law states that 50% of charitable bingo funds are given for prizes, 40% is for the operator’s income and the remaining 10% is given to charity. In an effort to correct some of the law’s inadequacies, a proposal is being drafted that will in theory, create new and comprehensive laws for gambling and charitable bingo.

The current gaming law called the Gaming and Lotteries Act of 1956 says that the District Court is able to give a charitable bingo license to any operator in Ireland. It also states 40% of the funds earned by the bingo operation is to be used for income for the bingo hall and 50% is used for prizes. The bingo operator also can take money from the remaining 10% for any other expenses, leaving the charity with 10% or less. The law does not require that charitable bingo funds be given to charity in order for the bingo to continue to operate so the proposed gaming and bingo bill will need to address this issue.

Trustees of Booster Club under Investigation for Theft

A Booster Club is under scrutiny due to complaints of theft by past members. One of Richland County Commons Pleas Courts will hear a motion to dissolve liens.

The Attorney General’s office of Ohio brought charges against a local club that used to be affiliated with Mansfield City Schools. The case went to Richland County Common Pleas Court on Thursday 12th April 2012. The court records indicated that at the hearing for the case – known as The State of Ohio vs. Kendall Clemons – began at 8 A.M. on a motion to distribute funds. The case was presided over by the honorable Magistrate Garry Dalbey.

Missing Funds

Mr. Clemons’ filed a motion to dissolve liens, which is what the court wants to focus on. Mr. Clemons reportedly proposed that he wanted to move funds of the not for profit boost club into escrow. Phone calls were not returned to reporters seeking comments from the club’s legal department. The lawsuit outlines how the state believes the trustees of the well known Richland All Sports Booster Club, (which used to be known by the name Mansfield Tyger All-Sports Booster Club) drained the funds out of the club to help maintain their bingo operations. The lawsuit further goes on to claim that the trustees used the funds to pay themselves and the people operating bingo.

Misappropriation of Funds?

The state’s lawsuit alleges that the actions of the group contributed to the deterioration of donations to the school and the profits seen from bingo starting in 2006. As the funds began to run out for the bingo operations, the state accuses the booster club trustees of using up all the funds of the scholarship trust. They further go on to allege that the trustees used the cash to pay the mortgage of the venue where the bingo was held. After whistle blowers left and complained about the theft in 2009, the investigation was opened. Things progressed after the local Board of education cut ties with the group.

New Bingo Equipment for Ireland

The High Court of Ireland has ruled in favor of commercial bingo & the new distributor of bingo equipment for Ireland Transigo.

A New Era of Irish Bingo  

 Bingo in Ireland has previously been in the form of small bingo halls with limited seats and cash games. That, however, is changing since the High Court of Ireland ruled to allow commercial bingo operations. As the new Irish bingo equipment distributor, Transigo is  having an exhibition to showcase its latest lottery and bingo products. The products on display have been designed specifically for Ireland’s bingo market. Transigo is part of Purcell & Associates, a top professional service provider to the UK’s gaming and bingo industry. The new bingo surge is expected to create new opportunities for bingo companies to create, install and train people in the operations of electronic and commercial bingo.

The Future of Irish Bingo

Many people in the bingo and gaming industry say that the High Court’s ruling will bring prosperity to many bingo halls and companies. New electronic bingo systems should increase traffic in the bingo halls and in turn increase income for the halls, companies and charities involved in the bingo industry. The improved bingo games and halls will also allow Irish bingo players to enjoy more bingo games every day of the week. The Irish bingo experience will differ from England’s bingo systems. Some of the differences include lottery and Keno style bingo that will be available all across Ireland, even in pubs.

Llys y Dderwen Welcomes a New Bingo Lunch Club

 In Gwendraeth Valley a new lunch club has been gathering attention. Starting last month at Gwendraeth Valley there has been a weekly lunch. Activities include bingo, and members of the community are invited to participate. Come for lunch and join in on the bingo fun and food. This exciting weekly event is held at the Llys y Dderwen Sheltered Housing Scheme, which is located in Ponthenri. The club was formed last month, and folks are invited to join in the festivities.

That’s the Way we Do It

There are typically 2 main types of bingo that are played around the world. There’s the 75-ball version & the 90-ball version. The former game of bingo is played with a card that has a 5 by 5 grid. The center square tends to be marked as a free spot. On the top of the card, the letters B-I-N-G-O correspond to each column. Another type of bingo which is more widely played in the world is 90-ball type bingo. The game is played by a 9 by 3 card. Each line has 5 different numbers, with a total of 15 numbers on the card.Players can complete 1 line, 2 lines and a Full House to win games of 90-ball bingo.

Lunch for a Bunch

One of the officers at Sheltered Scheme indicated that he hoped that the club will become a popular venue for its patrons. They have a number of volunteers who dedicate their time to serve the participants. People are invited to join in the festivities for a delicious warm meal, exciting bingo games, and great conversation. The luncheon is a terrific way for people from all walks of life to come together and interact. The invitation is being extended to folks from neighboring communities – especially those currently living at Llys y Dderwen.

Bingo at the Moose Lodge

Bingo may be added to the activities at the Moose Lodge in Prescott Valley, Arizona. The Lodge is rallying for support from the local city council before they get their Class B license. The Lodge plans on using the funds from bingo for their charities and to help seniors and children.

Moose Lodge Charity Bingo Proposal

The Prescott Valley Moose Lodge in Arizona has come up with a bingo proposal for their facility. The Lodge wishes to add charity bingo to their list of events in order to raise extra income and to raise money for their charities that support seniors and children. The Lodge is trying to get the city council’s approval before they attempt to get their Class B license. The Administrator of the Moose Lodge, Richard Cantere, sent a letter to Mayor Harvey Skoog to show what they will use the bingo games for. The Lodge wishes to have “Bar Bingo” on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Future Plans for the Moose Lodge

The Class B license that the Lodge is planning on applying for will limit the revenue to $300,000 as stated by the Arizona Department of Revenue. If all goes well the Moose Lodge hopes to start their games in May. The Moose lodge currently has 285 male members and 300 female members at its sister club and has been open for 102 years. If the Lodge is granted its Class B license, it wishes to open several bingo halls in Prescott Valley. The city council hearing for the Moose Lodge will be held April 12th, 2012 where the fate of the Moose Lodge charity bingo will be decided.

7th Online bingo Summit

2012 marks the 7th consecutive year that has had an online bingo summit. This year’s summit will be held April 19th and 20th.

Perhaps one of the largest areas of growth for casinos ever since they have started to offer gambling over the internet has been Bingo. Since there has been such phenomenally large growth, it makes a whole lot of sense that for the past seven years there has been an Online Bingo Summit. For this year’s summit, the festivities will be happening April 19 April 20th.

Details of the Online Bingo Summit in London

This Online Bingo Summit will be taking place in London, England at the Hilton Paddington. There will be several big name companies who will be joining including the likes of Paddy Power, Mecca Bingo, 888 holdings, and many more. According to the organizers of the Summit, those in attendance will learn a variety of different skills. Attendees will be taught how to make the most of their online bingo experience, how to create a strategy that is mobile and includes multi-screens, how to earn a larger share of the market, and how to make their customer’s experience better.

With the ever-changing landscape of marketing, tactics on how to maximize presence on social media platforms will be one of the most prominent items on the agenda. At the summit they will be teaching delegates how use social media to create new opportunities and generate funds with users, technology companies, and other affiliates.

Introducing Fintal Costello

Perhaps the most interesting speaker that will be in attendance at the at the summit would be the Senior Industry Manager-eGaming from Google – Fintal Costello. Mr. Costello will talk about the various opportunities that are available to use Google for the marketing of online bingo. On the second day, Facebook will be on the agenda. There will be a number of discussions about how to involve online bingo into Facebook as well as its players. Pundits are advised to stay tuned for more schedule updates relating tothe Summit!